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Thinking For Yourself

dayz Short Posted by in General - August 31, 2018, 4:49 am


I dont normally let politics mess with my SL.I have strong feelings about the  current political state of affairs but  I dont feel SL is the place for  them. 

There is an aspect of the current political situation  that does apply to SL as well though so thats what Im here about. It seems the  people with a voice - actors, comedians, news casters, singers, the people who shuld be setting good examples to the public, feel that its ok to  disrespect  the current Government publicly and take their words and agendas and twist them into something with no resemblance to what they actualy are. And being  such normally admirable folks, their words and temper tantrums and stupidity gets listened to.  And because people are often willing to believe the worst - esp if it comes from a "voice", they buy in to the whole BS. 

It takes a little bit of time to research  the truth of a thing..a few questions maybe.. or google..This applies to SL also.Never assume what you hear about a person or a company is the truth without looking in to it yourself first. More reputations get ruined that way that dont deserve to be.

Think for yourself and base  your views on first hand  information.. ask the  source..verify.Dont be  fooled by the "voices" of your communities and friends without proof =)

Rant over.Oh..i do listen to voices - but theyre the ones in my head! I trust them =)

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