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A Letter to the Community

dayz Short Posted by in Announcements - September 2, 2018, 2:31 am


From conception to completion, the Goldtokens journey has been a whirlwind of ideas and creativity and growth and trial and error - some server switches, some battles fought, staff fluctuations, discussions,errors, we've run the whole gamut of emotions  and have had a sometimes bumpy ride and sometimes smooth ride. Its been both exciting and tiring for all. Through this all,  the staff Terry put together has stood steady and true, learning as we go.Growing with the community. 

It would be less than honest if I said we are strong and  moving forward. We have had to fight some battles we didnt want or need, both in LGH and in real life.  I say this  for Goldtokens and for staff - YES !! We are still standing !!   But we're using crutches to do it and  there's a cast on an arm here and there, heads wrapped with bandages, eye patches and superglue. Its like a hurricane has moved thru Goldtokens as well..some busted windows and doors hanging on hinges here and there. Roof leaks. mailbox hanging on by a thread.Still standing.

As staff watches  some of the huge growth we experienced drop off,  we silently  send a prayer of thanks to those who are still stranding with us. We almost  welcome the eye of the storm  for its calm and the space it allows us to mend what is broken. To repair the windows and fix the mailbox and  patch the roof.To reinforce the  floors so the base of  Goldtokens returns to being sturdy and safe and ...Goldtokens...again.So staff can rejuvinate and rekindle the  spirit and lay down a game plan to regain the edge and  be a competitive presence in   SL Business.. 

We are wounded but  determined and committed to  be more than still standing. Standing implies staying in the same spot. We intend to march forward and look forward to the day when we are, once again, the leaders in creativity, communities, and innovation. If it happens that you cant make the journey with us thats ok. We will be here when youre ready to rejoin us ..Always 

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