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How much do higher ranks earn

KevDee Resident Posted by in General - September 10, 2018, 7:39 am


A common question that comes up, how much do you earn in the higher ranks of fishing?

Quite often this is met with "I don't really know." or "There are so many variables to say." or "approximately X amount". A lot of which I have said because, it is true and I've never really bothered to properly calculate and no one else has or just hasn't shared (that's their choice).


So even though I am swamped with other tasks, I spent time setting up a spreadsheet where I can add in simple statistics and it will then calculate things for me (plus I like yummy yummy data). This spreadsheet will run over 12 months, started on 7th of September 2018 and will run until the end of August 2019 (unless I vanish for personal reasons). Once I reach the 12 month point, I will start a new one and continue on while adding in the profits of previous 12 months.

 This has now evolved since posting this blog and it's not quite as simple.

Decided that I will also do a spreadsheet on a shubbie's life time eating vs profits made from selling splits (second sheet on link below, currently incomplete).


This is an on-going process, what you see today will be different tomorrow and different again the next day as it is being added to daily and automatically calculates for me. Only the white sections need to be filled and the rest updates itself as data is entered, until the end of August 2019. The long term stats will update but until the time frame is reached they will all reflect the same data.


It will collect a daily cashout amount along with what amount is reinvested into the games, it will include royal wins and shubbie sales as that is all of which I consider my overall earnings of LGH games. It will then give a monthly compiled amount and then calculate a monthly profit margin. Further more it will compile a total cashed out, reinvested, royal wins, shubbie sales, 3,6,9 and 12 months profit amount. (Profit is what is left over, that goes to my secondlife account).

This has now evolved and has sections for magic potions expenditure, white powder expenditure, as well as what profit margin would be without magic potions, without a shubbie to buy white powder for and finally without magic potions and white powder (obviously no shubbie sales either).


Be sure to read the Legend and bullet points in the bottom section for further understanding of what the spreadsheet entails.


It should be all pretty self-explanatory, though if you need clarification you can IM me in game and ask, though depending how much time and tasks I have, along with how much I need to explain, I may not be able to explain further.


This is a side project and my staff duties and real life come before any of this.


**IMPORTANT NOTE: a lot of my reinvested costs in the first 12 days are on magic potions, they are L$140-150 each (100 charges) and I go through 100-200 charges (approximately) between each cashout. This is a CHOICE (same as using a shubbie), I could see a much higher profit margin if I opted to not use them so I have included a section to reflect what I spend on magic potions and white powder (shubbie food) and what the profits would have been had I not used them. This way you can see all sides of it with and without.**

So if you wish to follow this, then click HERE to go to the Google sheets spreadsheet I have set up for myself to record the data.

**Google sheets shows when people are visiting and how many but keeps anonymity**


Incase you don't want to read all the data and want a quick run down, here it is:

L$ 22500 L$ 9399 L$ 509 L$ 3900 L$ 17510


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