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dayz Short Posted by in Announcements - September 20, 2018, 4:50 am


1. When you suspect someone of cheating, the correct procedure is to contact staff. Staff will give you a player complaint form to fill out. The form has 

specific instructions that need to be followed. Not following these instructions means your complaint about possible cheating may not get addressed.

2. when a correctly compleated form is received, staff will investigate the  claims in it 

3. If staff finds ample proof  that collaborates the cheating accusation, they will follow the guidelines as put forth by our TOS and in accordance with staff training.

4. If staff does NOT find sufficient proof to justify the cheating accusation, they will NOT take any action - but may - at their discretion  add the persons name to a "watch" list.

5. Staff will NOT report back to the accusing person to explain what  action has been decided upon.

6. Staff will NOT stand for being harassed by the reporting person or any  other parties concerning  the issue  thats at the root of the accusation

This is the procedure for complaints


In summary, once you have submitted your  suspicions via the proper channels.. your part in the matter is done. Allow staff to do their part.  But please understand - we will not penalize anybody without absolut proof.


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