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What can I do for you

KevDee Resident Posted by in General - September 21, 2018, 7:28 am


Yes I am staff, yes I will attempt to help you.

Though some things you should note.

1: I am a VOLUNTEER, this means I DO NOT get paid, I DO NOT get any benefits, I DO NOT get any extra privileges in the games. NOR do I give them to anyone else!

2: I decided to become staff to help the players and land owners, to give back because I like helping people, that is my reward. My health conditions where at their peak during the time I started as a player in LGH, couch ridden and barely slept. Fishing and the community kept me from losing hope, why I decided to give back by being staff when my conditions improved, now I do it between my real life as I work from home and mostly on computer or can be connected to it with the awesomeness of technology.

3: I will go out of my way to try sort things for people, this includes staying up to silly hours of morning waiting for a staff member who needs to handle something or the player/land owner because my timezone is complete opposite to most other people. I am human though and on a rare occasion I do forget things, if you think I have then politely send me an IM to check.

4: What you don't see is the countless hours, lindens spent on potions, rods I don't need, materials along with giving up multis, getting less xp when using lower rods, loss of profits etc etc because I am off doing 1000s of cast to test things that may have been reported as not working properly (or need to go somewhere to sort an issue/give assistance). Often which end up working as intended, yes there has been some that needed fixing but A LOT that didn't. But I am thorough and ensure it is tested to the extreme with analysis you don't see in large complex spreadsheets. (some the more simple ones I've shared).

5: Complaints and penalties are NOT my department, I will work with you and give you all the tools you need and even follow up and ensure they get to the right department of staff. If requested by those staff I will investigate to help them but otherwise I forward them on and it's then out of my hands.

6: Bans and Ejects are NOT my department. I CANNOT ban or eject you, nor can I reverse it. I often go out my way with reminders to try stop anyone being ejected, I DON'T want to see anyone ejected but the end result lays on the individual, I do expect everyone to follow the rules.

7: I rarely give warnings unless really necessary, yes I give reminders of the rules a lot, but they are just that, REMINDERS. A warning will clearly be stated as [Group Moderator issues a warning to ], followed by a brief explanation in following text. If I do give a warning there is likely way more to it than what you see/saw, what that is, is not your concern unless you are the person warned in which case feel free to IM me POLITELY and we can discuss it (see points 8, 10, .12, 14 & 15).

8: If you IM me and leave a detailed message relating to LGH, I will ALWAYS get back to you. Now this may not be right away, or when YOU want it. It will be when I am not asleep or busy and have the time to reply, depending on importance of the issue and how many IMs I have before you and what other tasks I have. If you just message me "Hi" you likely won't hear from me, lots of non-LGH people IM me and I don't know who wants assistance and who wants to just chat, so leave your inquiry to get a response (sometimes I disconnect while AFK and don't see IMs, so if I've not responded that may be why, send the inquiry again if within a reasonable amount of time that has past).

9: I can't attempt to resolve an issue if you don't tell me about it. IM me, it's easy and as above I will get back to you. Complaining to someone about an issue that was never brought forward, is counterproductive and doesn't really make sense, can't try fix something that I am not aware exists.

10: RESPECT... This goes both ways, if you don't show me respect then you can't expect me to want to deal with you. It's not an abstract concept, it's been around since the dawn of human life. We all get frustrated but it doesn't mean you have a right to speak rudely to someone, I am human, treat me like one and I will do the same.

11: My real life ALWAYS comes first, beyond putting my sleep on hold to try sort something, my real life chores, work, animals, my well-being, medical treatments and children get priority over my staff duties. Luckily though, I am often available due to the wonderful thing called technology and have things set up so most the time even when I am away from my computer I can still access my viewer and IMs. If I am not available, see point 8.

12: Yes I have set myself to OFF-DUTY, yes I am still online and fishing, I too need time to relax and enjoy my time playing the games, like we all do. Most the time I will still reply to things and offer support or moderate the LGH chat, though sometimes I am just completely worn out and need to rest and relax. So if I don't reply, please don't be rude or carry on in nearby chat, let me have some relaxation time too, I am human, I too need to rest and relax and remember points 1, 8 and 11.

13: If you do require my assistance, please try to be as clear and precise as possible. Don't try have a conversation with me midway through or repeat things over and over, as I often need to jump back and forth on the website or through notes or whatever to get it sorted, doing this only slows the process down and makes it harder. If you do wish to have a conversation with me, you will find I can be quite friendly when I am not busy, or worn out, which unfortunately is most of the time. So just be aware that I am human, I work from home while on computer or I am relaxing from a busy day between volunteering my time to staff duties.

14: If you do have a problem, as staff often say, IM me (or another staff member) or ask for staff in chat. Airing things in chat is not the best way to resolve things. More often than not, it goes in the wrong direction. An IM only has 2 people involved, things are a lot easier and you will get better responses and time dedicated. 

15: I AM HUMAN!, I get moody, I get tired, I get frustrated, I have emotions, I don't like being spoken to rudely, I don't like accusations that aren't true, I don't like assumptions when there aren't actual true facts, I don't respond to threats, I like to have fun. I know my personality isn't for everyone and that's ok, you don't have to like me but that doesn't give you any right to be rude.

16: Unless you are staff, you really have no idea of what we do, how we do it and why. These things are NOT common knowledge, you can assume and in fact a lot of assumption often make it back to my ears and it is quite disheartening how wrong or how little people know when they think they do. Don't be that guy, no one really likes that guy.

17: I can only do what I have been designated to do and with what tools I have. There is very good reason for this, staff know why and it's not something that needs to be discussed. Just understand when you're told it's something I can't do or not my department that I will either direct you where to go or I will forward your request on, see point 3.

18: I'm odd, goofy, loud, crazy, annoying, childish. This is my personality, you don't have to like it, you don't have to like me. However when giving you assistance I will be professional and do my up-most to help you. Outside of giving you assistance, I will be me, I am entitled to be myself and if you don't like it, ignore or mute me (just be aware if you mute me, be sure to behave and adhere to LGH's ToS as you won't see my reminders or warnings but Harvy and other staff will and that's ultimately on you).

19: I didn't make the rules, I didn't design the games, I cannot change the rules, I cannot change the games. I am a moderator and customer support, my job is to uphold the rules, help people with the games as it is made. I can assist in issues, I will happily spend time testing things if you think something is not working as intended. Though understand, the testing is not actually my job, I do this purely to help the players/land owners, all testing I do means I lose out (see point 4) but I like doing data gathering and I like to help (see point 2). So if I have to remind you of the rules or warn you, don't argue or cause a fuss, the rules are easy to find, easy to follow and you are an adult, please act accordingly or accept the consequences. If I take the time to help you and/or test things, have some appreciation for me taking my own time to do so, I don't actually have to, I choose to. Remember that.

With all that being said, I am not a monster, IM me if you require assistance and I will do my absolute best to resolve your issue or give the assistance you need. If it is above my knowledge or position I will help guide you to the right place and how to go about it or I will follow it up for you. You may be surprised that what you assume isn't true at all. I am actually very approachable in IM, I will be professional when it is LGH related, if you're rude I just won't reply, if you are respectful I will do all I can to assist you in a professional and mature manner. IMs are always the best way for me to help you with issues that aren't quite so simple. 

So why am I writing this? Well lately I have been hearing of a lot of accusations, insults and assumptions with no real founded truths (most of which come from people who have never even attempted to seek me out in IM to resolve things for them) and the points above cover many of those things as well as just letting others know what to expect from me as staff.

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