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Fishing tip #3

VampireAllana Resident Posted by in General - November 4, 2018, 1:58 pm


Bouys, If you are not careful you can mess these up! I'm sure at one point or another you were fishing at a low ranking bouy then BAM you get a notification that there is a times 10 event. You think awesome I'll go fish there! I've only made 10 casts at this one so its okay! BUT DON'T GO lol. Do not bouy hop, if you do you will be cheating your self out of those sweet sweet casts. You get 45-51 casts per bouy before that notification in local chat pops up, "you've spooked the fish" or "you've depleated this area". Please for the love of all that is fishing do not leave your current bouy untill you see one of those notifications pop up in chat. Why? because that 45-51 cast count carries over.

What do I mean? if you are at location A and you make, say 20 casts then find out that there is an event going on at location B, if leave A and go to location B with out finishing up at A you will only have 25-31casts to use at location B. Make sense? Yes this will cause you to miss out on some of the events but thats why you need to choose where you fish carefully. Like i've said before always check the "fish hunt land directory" to see if any events are going on. You don't want to waste your cast count by bouy hopping

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