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Hover tips

dayz Short Posted by in Announcements - November 6, 2018, 5:20 pm



What it is

A  hovertip is an element of the user interface that displays information about something when the user's mouse "hovers" over it. Tooltips in Second Life will display information such as the owner of an object or land as well as an avatar's name. Tooltips can be turned off through the View > Hover Tips or toggled by the keyboard command "Ctrl-Shift-T".


What it can do for you

If you enable hover tips , then pausing your mouse on your coin will tell you how far you are from it.

 Being 3.0001 m from your coin does not protect it.  
 When the text over your coin turns black and says
 "ready for (your name)  ( unless you click and take it first )"
 it can be stolen/cleaned up at this time.


Avoid TM fails

After I see the ATM clearly, I still double check it by hovering my mouse cursor over it. The ATM name should be in the info popup. If it says No Name, then I roll my mouse off the ATM, count to 10 and try again. (Note: if your viewer does not show info popups, you will need to turn them on for this step to work.)

If you are unsure how to enable  hovertips for yoru viewer  just use the keyboard shortcut of


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