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InSL Games economic reforms updates changelog

Goldtokens Posted by in Announcements - December 10, 2018, 10:12 pm


We have started actively and aggressively upgrading the games, tweaking economic inputs and modifying the game in order to make it more competitive, profitable and fun for the players. It is hard to keep up with all the changes so we have decided to post a changelog for those that missed the announcement to still be able to follow what is going on:


Small Biowaste Composter now AVAILABLE for 1000 L$!!!!
No matter what the size of the pockets my goal is to try to accommodate all the players. Every player counts!
The price of 9990 L$ surely is out of range of many but the spice needs to flow as the baby worms in worm beds need to eat & fishers want to fish!
So 990 or 1000 L$ for Small Composter & 1 DAY to HARVEST 5 Biowaste for 1 water, 300 poo & 300 fishes!
Good for farmers/fishers, poo collectors!


14.1.2019 23:55
Small Worms Farms now available at 10% DISCOUNT
Through the Worm Experiment that halves the time needed to grow worms on Small Worm Farms you can get them at 10% discount.
Credit on Small Worm Farms is still possible with 30% pre-payment.
Credit is also possible on Biowaste Composter with 30% pre-payment.
Farmers feed the worms, fishers feed the fishies, snufflers Snuffles. Landowners rule this world and support this community! Thank you in the name of 1000s of people from all over the world for making SL special!
Happy farming & fishing everyone!!!


14.1.2019 23:30
50% growth time reduction in Small Worm Farms +10% discount!
The Worms Experiment is about to START!
For 1 month it will take 50% less time to grow 100 small worms on Small Worm Farms. Until 14th of February.
Small Worm Farms will be at 10% discount on inworld at Farm Frenzy.
This will double the small worms coming to the Exchange. If the conditions on the market become bad for farmers we will revert pre-maturely.
But if we keep having growth in number of fishers this won't happen (there are 1500 hunters that don't fish yet + lots new fishers joining us daily)


9.1.2019 15:25
TOP 100 players from December month get REWARD!
In both Gold Hunt and Fish Hunt the TOP 100 monthly players will be rewarded a Snuffles Pack (those that don't have Snuffles yet. Those that have Snuffles already can get 50% discount on 1X Sunflower Farm.
Top 100 players in a month:
Fish Hunt:
Gold Hunt:
Just find yourself in a list and IM me!


9.1.2019 2:55
RED Buoys now give more (weekly contest) Royal POINTS per fishing cast
Red Buoys used to give slightly more biowaste material when fished instead of that now RED Buoys give a BONUS of extra Royal Points!
magic worms - new amount: 20 Royal Points; old: 10
enchanted worms - new amount: 10 Royal Points; old: 3
tasty worms new 5 Royal Points; old: 2
small worms new amount 3 Royal Points; old: 1
It makes sense to also fish RED Buoys whenever you can if you're serious about winning as much L$ as possible in Royal Weekly Fishing Contest.
Red buoys are now like Scrap Coins in Royal Hunt Contest!


28.12.2018 3:16
Snuffles TREE Stump now available for 250 L$ + Energy Crystals
Snuffles starter TREE Stump now includes 125 ENERGY CRYSTALS.
Write a good review after purchase and RECEIVE 125 + 500 CRYSTALS (625 L$ in value) - IM Wili Clip after review


THE LAST WEEK to get Snuffles Nest Stump  for ONLY 50 L$ + you can get crystals of value 500 L$ for making SL Marketplace Review
Next week will be the last week when you can get a Snuffle Nest Stump for only 50 L$
After 1 week  price will be increased to 250 L$
Write a good review after purchase and RECEIVE 500 Energy Crystals (value: 500L$)
(0.1 L$/ CRYSTAL otherwise its 0.5 - 1 L$ per crystal).
BUY it now and use this opportunity to join hundreds and soon 1000s of fellow Snufflers!
The cheapest way to get into Snuffles!


16.12.2018 19:59
Biowaste Composter watering & Snuffles Mats Lands
Biowaste Composters watering sites have been added to www..goldtokens.net
We have also added Snuffles materials collection sites:
(Both links can be found under Find Lands on www.goldtokens.net)
Happy watering and collecting Snuffle Materials like lately in price growing Snuffles POO!!!  \☺/


16.12.2018 18:30
0.2 L$ per Poo! Snuffles Poo more valuable than GOLD?
The price of Snuffles Poo recently went from 0.06L$ to 0.1 L$ and now already at 0.2 L$ per poo.
With no count down timer per collection that is easy MONEY!
You can find lands with Snuffle material events at:
Once you have bag load of poo you can TELEPORT to Farm Frenzy and use the Poo exchange to set your Poo for sale. When it sells the L$ go to your L$ earnings that you then withdraw on ATM. You can also use your Snuffles Poo to craft potions and sell potions for even higher price.


12.12.2018 00:47
Poo Exchange Reserves against price appreciation removed!
I am happy to announce that we have deleted Poo sales orders from Poo Exchange (about 400 milions). Total Poo in exchange is down to 55.831. We believe that the price of poo will grow.
The 400 millions of Poo set for sale in exchange at higher prices than players were selling were set in to guard the Poo price from appreciating too much (it kept price fixed).
We had that to keep crafting market stable. But now we believe enough people will collect and sell poo in exchange!
Lets see the forces of supply and demand at work and how they affect the price. Let the value of poo skyrocket!

Have Fun!


11.12.2018 23:55
Snuffle Poo collection update & Snuffles TOS change!
Snuffles have been updated so that now when you collect Snuffle Poo the owner of the Snuffle receives the Poo too!
This should make more Snuffles owners decide to host fun material collection  (Snuffles Material Multipliers) events! Especially as the demand for Poo by farmers increases and the price of poo goes up!
With that update to prevent abuse we are also changing Snuffles TOS. From now on running Snuffles Multiplier events on private land or one with restricted access for public is not allowed.


Small Worms Farms further INPUTS CHANGE (to boost profit in farming)
To make worm farming more competitive, profitable and fun we are further decreasing the amount of WATER it takes to plant the Small Worm Farms
It used to be 4 UNITS of Water (8L$). Yesterday we reduced to 3 UNITS while increasing Biowaste to 5. Now we are reducing Water even more to only 2 UNITS while increasing Biowaste for only 1 to total 6 Biowaste.
Water has a fixed price of 2 L$ per UNIT while Biowaste price is and will be determined by SUPPLY from the PLAYERS themselves.


10.12.2018 21:44
Biowaste Exchange Sales Commission decreased from 50% to 30%
Based on inputs for composting 50 Biowaste - 100 Snuffles Poo, 100 Fishes, 1xWater the production price per unit of Biowaste is from 0.08 L$ - 0.18 L$ (depends if you buy inputs on the market or collect/fish yourself).
Inworld vendor for Biowaste Composter: 9740 L$
SL Marketplace 9990 L$
If you don't have enough L$ to invest in a Biowaste Composter but you would still like to be able to create Biowaste for your own use or for selling to others. You can get it on Credit with 1st down-payment 3000 L$. 


9.12.2018 22:49
Biowaste Composter credit option
For all the players who currently don't have enough L$ to invest in a Biowaste Composter but they would like to have it to be able to create biowaste and use it or sell it to other players.
You can  get it on Credit (full value: 9990 L$). For 30% pre-payment (3000 L$), other 70% (6990 L$) you pay down with 50% of your fishing & farming earnings!


9.12.2018 22:33
Small Worms Farms input change
Effective immediately Water input for Small Worm Farms is reduced from 4 units to 3 units (total cost from 8 L$ down to 6 L$).
At the same time the Biowaste input is increased from 2 units to 5 units.
The price of water is fixed at 2 L$ per unit while the price of biowaste fluctuates based on market fluctuations. With this change we are reducing the fixed factor and increasing the variable factor. This change enables worm farmers to increase their farming profit and on overall make the game more competitive and fun.


9.12.2018 22:19
Biowaste Composter is now listed for sale
Biowaste Composter ingredients:
1 Water
50 Snuffle Poo
100 Fishes
Growth duration 3 days.
Output: 50 Biowaste


9.12.2018 19:41
Biowaste Composter - fishing and Snuffle Poo collection
We have designed Biowaste Composter to intake 3 type of ingredients:
- Water
- Fishes
- Snuffle Poo
There will be a bit of market restructuring. We decided to entirely take biowaste out of fishing lottery as biowaste from now on will be supplied through farming. Instead of biowaste now fishers will sell Fishes through exchange to Biowaste Farmers.
Snuffle Poo collection will also be changed to also benefit the Snuffle Owners. When someone collects poo the owner of the Snuffle will also receive poo in their account. This will give incentive to Snuffles Owners to host fun collection (Snuffle Multiplier) eventson their land for players to come and have fun collecting materials.


9.12.2018 19:32
Farming Biowaste  & Worm / Fish Economy
We are soon going to release a Biowaste Composter and introduce biowaste farming.
BIO is one of main ingredients for worm farms producing the worms for fishing and can directly affect the price of worms, profit of farmers and fishers.
Demand for worms is high. In the last 30 days total of 528 205 small worms were sold. To supply over half a million of worms it takes aprox 1234 small worm farms and a lot of biowaste.
With farming bio players will be able to affect


Biowaste Composter is now 95% ready
I am happy to announce that the Biowaste Composter is nearly ready for release!
Design work was completed the DAY 1 by Green Snuffle designer. The DAY 2 Coding by Yellow Geek Snuffle. At the end of DAY 2 Debugging by Orange Sleepy Snuffle.
DAY 3 will take some finishing touches and putting it on the market.
Once released Biowaste production will positively affect Worm Farmers and Fishers Market and bring new game-play Biowaste Supplying to our expanding virtual market


What is coming SOON...
I am currently working on a BIOWASTE COMPOSTER. Just finished its design and starting to work on the code.
It is a composter bin that will take in ingredients:
-Snuffles POO
- fishes
- some water
It will produce by worm farmers always high in demand BIOWASTE that players will be able to use for their own farms or to sell to the worm farmers.
The price of Poo and fishes on the players market might go UP a lot after this product is launched!!!
Happy playing everyone!

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