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Understanding and Abiding by the LGH Room Rules and Policies

dayz Short Posted by in Announcements - January 18, 2019, 9:26 pm


The fact that you are in this group means you have read and accepted the room rules
as a contract between you and Staff. This means you agree to abide by the rules, and also to 
follow the suggested direction a Staff member gives you as far as conduct within the room.
This includes room rules as well as room policies. If at any time you break these rules and 
policies, saying you didn't know will not be an acceptable excuse.

This card is broken down into 2 sections.
1. From our charter and TOS
2. Room Policies and standard conduct

The absence of any rule or policy from this card does not mean it doesn't exist. All are subject
to staff interpretation and subject to change as needed.

From The LGH Room Charter

* No spam or non-LGH related advertising 

This means no casual mentions of lands or name
brands as well as flat-out advertisements. It also means
not naming other in-world games or their products. It doesn't
mean if someone else does you gain permission to do so
as well because they did first.

* Please watch your language

There are two semi cuss words that are allowed.
They are "hell" and "damn". All other known cuss words
and variations of are not allowed. Variations of means
words with some letters substituted. Examples; sh*t,f**k,
Or abbreviations such as WTF, LMAO, etc..

* No begging or soliciting

Besides the obvious "can you give me a linden" and its
variations, this also means not asking Landowners to
fund an event or coins. Not even hinting that they should do
so is allowed.

* Please get permission before posting any links

The way we give permission for you to post links is ...we don't. If 
 you have something you would like to see posted, the acceptable
 method is to contact Staff with your link. Staff will then look at your 
 link and judge if it is acceptable based on many factors. If it is deemed
 to be acceptable, Staff will post it for you. The exception to this is the 
 posting of known LGH related links. Example; If someone comes in 
 asking where the ATM is, you can post a link to it. Or to the website
 lists etc,, you can also post the link.  Another example is someone
 asking where the yada yada buoy land is.
* We do not discuss any non-LGH games .
This rule relates back to rule no. 1  Discussion of other games is
a form of advertisement for that other game. We don't allow it.
* Please check out our full ToS   http://www.goldtokens.net/terms-of-service
This is highly suggested. It outlines and defines things far more clearly.  

Room Policies  And Standard Conduct
*Staff includes Game Masters and Elders. Direction from an Elder
is to be taken as seriously as that from a GM.    

*In regards to conduct within the LGH room, if a Staff asks you to stop
doing something, you are expected to comply immediately. If you have
an issue with the request you are to take it to private message rather
than debate it with Staff in the room. 

* LGH does not allow playing the name shame game in its chat room.
This mens if you suspect another of doing something shady or even if
you KNOW they have, such as pushing, you cannot state it in the LGH
room. Policy is to contact a staff to get a complaint form and proceed from

* LGH policy on the use of foreign language within its room is here


* No Drama  or Stirring the Soup.
This means no deliberate posts aimed to antagonize or start heated
debate  in an antagonistic  manner is allowed. Hinting of  shady
actions or implying such is also  unwelcome. LGH room is meant to be 
a friendly upbeat welcoming home for all to spend time in. Nobody
wants to hear someone air their laundry. 

Many room rules are unspoken. They relate to general conduct within
a polite society and are acceptable norms within a community. Keep 
posts friendly and remember , we are all here to help each other get
the most from what our community has to offer.

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