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Primum non nocere . or.... \"first, to do no harm.\"

dayz Short Posted by in Announcements - January 23, 2019, 10:18 pm


Primum non nocere . or.... "first, to do no harm." ....is defined as....

The belief "that no one should be forcibly prevented from acting in any way he chooses provided his acts are not invasive of the free acts of others" John Stuart Mill (1806–1873) or prevents others from enjoying the same rights and freedoms.



SL is a wonderful and diverse environment . One in which a person can and does indulge whatever they wish ; based on their own fantasies and individualities and concepts of enjoyment. SL rightfully limits this concept to that which causes no harm to others, or their right to enjoy SL in the way they wish to. To enable this ability that allows us each the right and means of enjoying the same places as we wish while standing next to someone tryin to do the same thing, they invented this concept and tool of mute and render.. or DE-render. They also invented and implemented the ability to undo such actions.

Brilliant, really.

That means you and I can go together to an event and where you are wanting to get and display excitement and boisterity from the event, i am looking for peace and tranquility.. According to the Primum non nocere  concept, we should both be allowed to at as we wish and both be allowed the abiliy to acheive that wish. 

My need for peace is not more important than your need for loudness and celebration. We are equals an deserve  to play SL as best suits us.

enter - the mute and derender buttons

The fact that we are freinds doesn't mean we are exactly alike, and doesn't mean we must meekly set aside our own needs to indulge yours either.A simple click of the mute button, or derender, solves the whole issue. WahLah.

scream and shout and laugh and play. i will sit quietly and never be desturbed by your play. When the event is over and  your celebration of life is calmed down, I will un-mute you and we will still be friends and we will both have enjoyed SL in the way in which we choose.

Primum non nocere 

How does this apply to staff? WE, too, are allowed the same do no harm concept. What a brilliant and forward - thinking company and community wili has created to realize that staff are also people wth the same needs as not - staff people. If the ability to mute us were not present, it would cause harm. Or if a landowner asked us to stop and we didnt, that would cause harm in that  a Landowner, having paid for the sim existance and hosted the event, has the right to limit the actions of those attending.. A boisterous staff member having a great time at an event does not reflect badly on the company itself. Nor on the staff doing it.

Please, allow staff to live under the Primum non nocere  concept as they allow the community to do.. I promise you tht when a member contacts us and complains about the actions or gesturs of another, we say exactly the same thing. Mute them. 

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