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AdaraFreedom Resident Posted by in Personal - February 5, 2019, 8:28 pm


They are literally everywhere!! Who or what am I talking about? Perverts of course. They seem to flock mostly at Sandboxes (even G and M rated) and Freebie stores, but today I happened to had met one at the Gold Hunt headquarters while fishing. Don't get me wrong, he was a very nice guy, bumped into me a few times, asked me what I was dong -which I thought was odd because I as obviously fishing, I mean my fishing pole was out and I kept well .. fishing. He was only a few weeks old according to his profile, nice friendly conversaion no warning bells yet, so when he sent me a friend request I accepted. After that it gets weird, very fast. Starting with in PM  he  telling me "I want to show you something", my response was "what do you want to s how me?" my warning bells were going off like crazy but I was hoping that my assmption was wrong. Well, the guy removed his pants (remember we were at the G rated Gold Hunt headquarters land (not at the landing ponit but near one o fthe fishing thingies). I told him if he doesn't put his pants back on someone will see him and he'll probably get kicked out because this Sim is G rated. Well, something like that, don't remember my exact words. Also told him I'm not interested in that and I think I might have also told him that I am already 'with' someone wiht my other avatar and not looking for more than just platonic friendships. He was still nice, but didn't take that very well. Thankfully he did put his pants back on. I mention this because I really didn't expecct to run into one of these guys at the Gold Hunt headquarters lol. But yeah, apparently, we can and will meet them literally everywhere. Now of course I would have contacted a moderator for help if he hadn't  put his pants back on, but thankfully I didn't need to do that and within a few minutes when it was clear I wasn't feeling sorry for him (he'd told me that he was unhappy because I wasn't interested in him) he wandersd off. 


Stay safe out thre, and be smart. Don't let anyone talk you into doing ANYTHING you are not comfortable doing.

- AdaraFreedom

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Community Comments

KevDee Resident
February 6, 2019, 9:43 am -

If you ask for staff in main LGH chat room and IM us privately we can address the issue, this kind of behaviour is not tolereated in LGh or on our SIM and is outlined in our terms of service. 

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dayz Short
February 11, 2019, 9:29 am -

The problem with not letting staff know and not telling us his name is that leaes him free to trouble others on our sim. and they may be more sentsitive to such things. =)

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TallTamryu Resident
February 12, 2019, 3:23 pm -

I get those a fair amount, not like this exactly. Usually random IMs with people probably wanting to do the same thing this person did you :/

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