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Thank you

KevDee Resident Posted by in Personal - February 11, 2019, 7:39 am


One day I had an idea sprout in my head after getting a hold of a bunch of note cards from Daisy, a way to spread them to the players easier and without the need to to constantly ask for them, from that came the help bag which while was helpful, was a touch unorganised on the basis of the limitations of what second life allowed when putting notecards inside a single item. Though it worked and it begun a brainstorm between myself, players and staff.


Many ideas where brought forward, updates sent to me, new notecards received, notification of errors or cards needing to be updated. This was amazing, the idea went from my head to reality and players (also staff) really went above and beyond to help with the process and also spread the pack about. Fantastic!


However, there was still the issue with the disorganisation of the bag and also the inability to get things only on specific topics. While overall not a huge issue, it still was not ideal. Along with the need of players handing it out or directing people to group notices to get the bag, it still worked but was not optimal.


So there I was one night, trying to sleep and my mind started ticking over again and like a light bulb going off I had the idea of having an in world centre, thinking the gold sweepers shop being in such an ideal location of major traffic of people between the main buoy at H.Q. and the ATM, a place newbies quite often wander past as well with older players. This would be perfect!


So off I went and wrote up the idea and presented it to Daisy and after she read the idea, gave it a big thumbs up for the idea and we began discussing. Me being me, stubborn and practical, Daisy being Daisy, pragmatic and aesthetically minded we bumped heads for a while on the design until finally she won me over, proving she was right and her design was (and I openly admit it) far better. So we set to work, Daisy doing the design and scripting of the board, me pointing and being a nuisance (while organising the cards) and attempting to break her board (testing).


The help centre was born! Original design later changed to in both aesthetics and also more efficient scripting, again done by Daisy. Offering not only an easy to use system for players but also an easy to use system for me in keeping it updated, both very vital parts of the help centre to it's effectiveness.


I have heard and received so much positive feedback on the help centre, it has had a lot of use and players not only using it themselves but directing players to it or newer players stumbling across it and getting the help they need.


So my point to all of this is.... THANK YOU, from the bottom of my big kitty heart, thank you all for the support, help,updates, ideas and spreading the word of the help centre and a HUGE thank you to the wonderful and amazing Daisy! 



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