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I Was Only Kidding/Joking

dayz Short Posted by in Announcements - February 24, 2019, 3:18 am


Recently we have seen a rising trend in the "just joking" statements made in LGH as responses  from people who are cautioned that what they're saying is against the rules.

Examples of what i mean -
xxx says - can we have a 10x
ooo says -  its against the rules to ask for events
xxx says - just joking

xxx says - please can somebody give me no lindens
ooo says - its against the rules to beg
xxx says - just kidding

xxx says - hey person who just won fishpot can i have some of that so i can buy worms
ooo says - thats begging and is against the rules
xxx says - just joking

I have no doubt that some of the just joking posts really were joking.i have equaly no doubt that some were not.

Both types are not acceptable. Here is why.

LGH chat room is a fun place to hang and chat. Its very lively in there, alot of back and forth going on. Staff are often in there playing jokes and goofing off also. But we are also working. Our mode  is work mode no matter how much it may not sound like it. And as STaff there are certain responses that are going to be given every time.  If its against the room rules we are obligated to give the responses .. cautionary ones usually unless its very severe than its a warning. We are obligated to give these responses.  

It is never a good idea to joke about something thats against the rules by doing the thing that is against the rules.

why? everybody jokes in there and it was obvious that i was only kidding

This is why

Lets say you do example 1#. Instaed of cautioning you to not ask for events i laugh at your joke or ignore it completely. Somebody new sees that and thinks well the rules say not to but apparently its ok so ill do it too. Then when noob does it and gets the caution or warning he says... But xxx did it and yiou didnt warn them why you picking on meeeeee.  

its never a good idea to joke about the rules by doing the thing that is against the rules.

And if you do it anyway and receive the caution or warning, FFS do NOT ridicule the staff for having  done so. 

1# We dont allow belittleing people in LGH
2# we dont allow disrespect of staff
3# you choose to do somehing risky  and blame it on a joke, accept the caution like an adult and drop it


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