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How to earn Linden Dollars 103 million L have been earned by hunting and fishing in Second Life

Goldtokens Posted by in Announcements - March 13, 2019, 12:30 am


How to earn linden dollars in Second Life is a question that sooner or later every new player of Second Life will ask. We got the answer to this question. Earn lindens L$ by hunting and fishing in Second Life.

The frog on photography bellow is responsible for re-destribution of millions of L$ (exactly 103 millions of Linden Dollars) to 200 809 players of Second Life since 2011.

Wili Clip Frog Avatar

That is 200 809 users in Second Life who were able to participate in virtual economy of Second Life and make their second life better. Every L$ spent helped content creators in Second Life get more sales. We could say that this frog is a modern day virtual Robin Hood.

Being a gamer himself in his youth and having experience with MMORPG type of games that are known for growing very big virtual market economies. With high in demand virtual goods that are sold in virtual currencies he saw the problem of game companies reaping all the monetary benefits and not sharing any with the players. Players who wanted to sell virtual goods and currencies for that represent their time and effort were banned instead of rewarded with ability to cash out in real money. Therefore all his games implement his personal philosophy which says that players should be monetarily rewarded for playing. The game creator shares the profits of creations with the players.

This frog is avatar of Wili Clip the creator of games where players earn free linden dollars for playing. The games are Gold Hunt, Fish Hunt, SnufflesBreedables. He is also the creator of biggest grid-wide advertising network in Second Life - Second Ads.

By latest stats on 13th of March 2019 200.809 players since 2011 have cashed out total of 103.087.180,00 L$ (=412.348,00 USD $).

The games are staying popular with over 32 000 members strong SL group (Linden Gold Hunters) and with support of many players turned into landowners and support of biggest names in virtual business in Second Life at goldtokens.net we are closing in up to 500.000 USD. After that milestone is reached we will aim for total 1.000.000 USD aprox. 250.000.000 L$ cashed out by players. As more and more people find out about our games that make it possible for them to earn free linden dollars and spread the word among their friends and social media it will become more and more easier to reach that goal.

We want to help even more people earn L$ (Linden Dollars) in Second Life. We are now fully committed to develop social media marketing capabilities to trigger effective campaigns to spread the word about earn free linden dollars games in Second Life over the borders of just Second Life.

Recently we have created an INSTAGRAM and stepped up our marketing efforts on Facebook with Fishing and Hunting for Lindens Facebook Page and Linden Gold Hunters - Fishers Facebook Group.

Our ultimate goal is to become an important driving factor for people who don't know about Second Life or previously were not considering signing up for Second Life account to become interested in Second Life and join our fastest growing and friendly gaming community Linden Gold Hunters where all players together are earning linden dollars playing and at the same time making it possible for even more people to make L$

Gold Huntress

Chloe Saks
Social Media Marketing Manager at Goldtokens.net

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2GEEZUS21 Resident
March 16, 2019, 9:39 pm -

Congrats! also do you guys plan any new games or activities in near future?

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