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Finding Lost items in Second Life

dayz Short Posted by in Announcements - May 4, 2019, 7:47 am

How to find "Lost Inventories" due to the new Coalesce feature

In a feature release a couple of weeks ago, we incorporated a new feature to help with load on our databases when Residents return objects from parcels. As before, lost objects can be found in the Lost & Found folder, but there is a change in how they are displayed. When objects are returned to this folder, they will be coalesced into one or more of the returned objects.


How It Works

The way it works is that the system randomly selects one of your returning objects as the item to be bundled with, hence the word "coalesce". This one object is actually a combination of all of the other returned objects from the same area. When you rez that object inworld from your L&F folder, it will rez all of your coalesced items in the same formation it was last placed inworld before having been returned to you. If your items are being returned from various areas in a sim, you may receive several of your returned objects in your L&F folder. Again, each these will be bundled with rest of your returned items. This will only happen when multiple objects are returned at the same time from the same parcel or region.



A Resident rents land from a landlord. The Resident has the following objects on their land:

  1. House
  2. Kitchen Sink
  3. Table
  4. Chair
  5. Fork
  6. Object

This Resident decides to move and ask that their landlord return their objects. The landlord returns all of the objects for this resident.

Because of the Coalesce feature, all of these objects will be "stuffed" into a single object, and then sent back to the resident's inventory. This object could be named House, Kitchen Sink, Table, Chair, Fork or Object.


Finding Items

Here's a good way to find your returned items, utilizing the inventory tools:

  • Open your Inventory
  • Select the Recent Items tab
  • In your Inventory toolbar, left-click on FILE, select SHOW FILTERS
  • When the Recent Items window opens, go to the bottom of that window and adjust the Hours Ago or Days Ago back to the approximate time your Inventory should have been returned from the parcel
  • Untick all categories except OBJECTS
  • In your Inventory toolbar, left-click on SORT, select DATE
  • Go to a parcel where you have enough prim usage to rez all your coalesced objects (do it in a sim where it's not laggy or you could risk losing all your items if the sim should crash due to a sim rollback. If you go to a sandbox, select one that's not busy or laggy!)
  • Be sure you are not close to a property line. I.E where the neighbouring plot has Build turned off. Rezzing items near this, could lose your items for good with no return to either Lost & Found or Trash.
  • Go in edit mode, either by right clicking the ground and create or right clicking any prim and selecting edit.
  • Rez objects inworld from your Lost & Found folder, starting from the top, one at a time. If after following the above instructions, your returned items have still not rezzed, please be sure to check the land parcel it was returned from and determine whether it was truly returned. If the items being returned were DEEDED to a group AND NON-COPYABLE, they will be returned to the Resident who originally deeded the objects to the group. If the deeded returned objects were copyable, then the objects will not be returned and merely be deleted.
  • If you know roughly how many items (not prims) were returned to you, you can check that they have all been returned whilst you have the items selected (in Edit mode) and looking under the general tab. Here you will see how many objects you are currently selecting along with how many prims.
If you've done all of this and you believe you are still missing returned objects, please file a bug report inworld (Top Toolbar/Tools/Report Bug...). More information regarding the coalesce feature can be found on Inventory: How the Coalesce feature works

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