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this is a blog about weeds

dayz Short Posted by in General - June 6, 2019, 5:38 am


that are not really weeds. Lte me start with a short story.

There is a plant that produces flowers that are very pretty.. its an annual plant and for some unfortunant reason its name is milkweed.

Thats very unfortunant because it leads folks into thinking its a weed. their eyes get all sideways and they get this savage look in ther eyes and out comes the round up. or the weedeaters. But, it isnt a weed, and its very importannt that folks realize this.


why is it so important? Because of this. >>> it is the only plant that the monarch butterfly uses to lay her eggs on. its the only plant that, when her eggs hatch, can support the life of the new butterfklies . Monarch buttrflies. beautiful creatures.

heres the thing... all the places that used to have an abundnce of milkweed growing dont anymore. people be cutting them down as weeds and our monarch butterflies population is diminishing.

so.. there is this website that you go to and you report any milkweeds growing in your area,, this organization is hoping to preserve the plant thru community efforts. Make a difrence in something worthwhile. google milkweed to see what it looks like then go to www.MonarchMilkweedMapper.org

if you spot some in your state and report its location. also if you see any monarchs in any of its life stages needs reported as well.

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