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How to deal with reporting

KevDee Resident Posted by in General - August 23, 2019, 1:00 pm


So you found a cheat?

Or someone breaking Terms of Service?

Or whatever it may be?


Ok so, firstly, kicking up in LGH chat is not the best way to go about it.



- Well firstly, it's highly likely said person is in chat, so you just alerted them that someone may be coming to watch, so they'll stop and not be caught in the act.


- Second, depending on your action, it may be a breach of the chat room policy, leading to an issue that then needs to be dealt with and making longer time for staff to go check on the person being reported. Being chat room is first seen, and something that can easily spiral out of control, it will be the first thing dealt with.


So what is the best way?

Simple, send an IM to an active staff member, you can usually see who is active in chat, this is a reason why staff talk a lot so you know we are active. However if we aren't, still you can IM Dayz or KevDee, we are sometimes still floating around when we are not talking, while generally we are in our own time, doing our own thing, we will come deal with a ToS breach if we are able to.


Why do this?

Well simply, you have not alerted the person they are about to be watched, they have no idea a staff may come or we may send in one our unknown alts to watch. So more chance they'll be caught in the act. Also you have ensured you have not put yourself in breach of chat room policy and made staff deal with a chat room issue first.

Now if staff aren't on what can you do?


- LOGS, logs are your best friend, they can prove a lot.

- Bump logs, depending on viewer, there is a log that records bumps, pushes and so forth that prove a difference between a accidental bump vs purposeful pushing or pushing with a script. Consult your viewers help group on how to view this.

- SCREENSHOTS, these can be invaluable, they show things in real time and can't be edited, it shows your chat or what is happening, hard to argue proof.


What else can you do?

Ask a staff for a complaint form, if these forms are not used and staff can't catch them in the act, nothing will be done. These forms are policy, staff cannot go outside policy, so help us help you and deal with issues. Fill out a complaint form. Ask any staff for one, we will happily send one, or get one for the help center under 'support' button - http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Business%20Park/110/219/21


Is that all you can do?


Here is a wonderful tool, https://obsproject.com/download

A wonderful very user friendly video tool that will record your game window. Who can agrue with video evidence? 

It is very resource friendly so as not to cause PC lag with a half decent computer, then you just upload the saved video to youtube or any video sharing site, and send to staff via IM or in your complaint form. Video proof is the BEST proof, no one can argue video evidence.


So remember, the more you do and the less policy you break the more chance a person in breach of ToS will be dealt with in accordance to our ToS policy, the less you do or the more fuss you make and policy you break, the less chance they'll be dealt with and more chance you'll be the one ending up in the cross hairs.

So please, work with us, not against us.


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