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Gentle introduction to Linden Scripting Language (LSL)

Wili Clip Posted by in General - September 23, 2019, 12:56 am


I have recently agreed to help my friend in Second Life to assist her at learning scripting in Second Life. And because everything that I do I like to do on a massive scale I have decided to share this enthusiasm for LSL scripting and computer coding with everyone. To script is to know how to give computer directions to do humanly impossible things. It is a super power and a scripter in Second Life has ability to do magic.

For me LSL has been an easy way to enter the world of computer programming. At some point in my life I have become very interested in automation and learning LSL for me was a way to better grasp the concept of what computer is capable of. Linden Scripting Language in Second Life was just perfect 1st step to learn to automatize things. As I got better at it I started thinking of writing scripts as of writing magic spells and executing scripts as casting spells.

Soon I learned that knowing how to code means having a tool that lets you do things beyond of what is humanely possible.

Learning how to do scripting in Second Life is actually very easy and thanks to many coding super heroes there are many learning resources available.

Learn how to script through following gentle introduction to LSL from SL wiki:

Gentle Introduction to Linden Scripting Language - If you don't know anything about how scripting works this is where to start :)

I hope this will serve as your door to a wonderfull world of computer automation. As you learn basic about computer programming through LSL you will learn to have fun creating interesting interactive scripts inside Second Life.

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