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Age Restrictions and Payment Info on File Requirements

dayz Short Posted by in Announcements - December 15, 2019, 2:06 am


This Blog deals with the Landowner restrictions used on their land.


Age requirements (The actual Real Life age of your avatar or percieved avatar age)

Age restrictions (How long your avatar has been in SL)

Payment Info on File


Notice the difrence between the two Age categories. The top one says "requirements" because LL (Linden Labs) requires avatars be a certain age or older to acces lcertain types of lands. I'm not going to  detail what those certain types are, read their TOS if you want to know.  What I will do is copy paste what LL says regarding the topic where Landowners are concerned.



You can restrict access to parcels and estates you own or manage based on whether users are over 18 years old and whether they have payment information on file with Linden Lab.

Important: If your land contains adult content, as defined by the Second Life Maturity Ratings, it is your responsibility to restrict access only to those who are at least 18 years old.


This is why the top AGE topic on our list says "requirements" not restrictions. LL will kick the landowners butt if they are slack on this cetegory.

They are REQUIRED to restrict players if their land meets the specifications set forth by LL




This is the rule that only lets you in if your avatar has been in SL for a specified length of time. It is the Landowners optiontouse this rule or not and they are fully within their right to do so. It is allowed by LL. Our rules don't supercede LL rules. Therefore itis allowed by Gildtokens also.

Why would a landowner want to limit access in this manner? Simple. Griefers, Trolls, and Cheaters. Having this restriction enabled on a land helps reduce the likelyhood of those three items happening. Not stops...reduces. That means more of the landowners budget can go to the legitinate players as intended. Its a good thing. It is a GOOD thing. 

There  are plenty of lands without this restriction. Go there until your  SL age allows you to enter these other lands. 


This is another method of reducing the presence of Trolls, Griefers, and CHEATS.

It, too, is a GOOD thing.


ALL THREE things are allowed by Linden Labs and by Goldtokens. They are the Lamdowners choices and options and in some cses, their responsibility to enable. Whining cussing, bad-mouthing and otherwise disrupting  LGH or harrassing the Landowners are NOT options. Thats a Goldtokens  rule and LL has nothing to do with it and couldn't care less if we ban you from our games as a consequience for unwelcome behavior. 

Learn the reasons behindthe rules before you bring drama in please. and THank you  =)

For more detailed information on basic reasons you might not have access to a land read this BLOG


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