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Gaming Payment Info Age Script Count Complexity Why Cant I Enter

Reterik Resident Posted by in General - December 15, 2019, 2:12 am


Hello everyone, today is an informative blog... Today we are going to explain why you're not allowed on certain sims BEFORE you get there... This is being brought up due to the many complaints received on a daily basis, not just from players but also from land owners who have been harrassed too often, and it has gotten too far out of hand... So understand your staff's frustrations when we get both sides of the story and we have to get yelled at on top of that when things don't go the way someone wants... We're volunteer staff, and this headache has gone on too long, I'm sorry...


Let us begin... I will say the topic, and why you are not allowed for a certain reason or another...

GAMING - Gaming sims are gambling sims, so if your state or country does not allow gambling, you are just out of luck. This is a Linden Labs function and we have no control over it! Move to your next buoy, we're sorry that you can't fish there, but it is how it is with Linden Labs rules and regulations.

PAYMENT INFO REQUIRED - Another big topic of late, if you do not have payment info on file with Linden Labs, you are not allowed to visit the land! Period! It is a function of Linden Labs, and we have no personal right to deny a land owner using their given Linden Labs rights. If you want to fix this, I will make a blog later on how to set up payment info and edit this blog to add it to this posting section. But please know that we have no ability to deny a land owner the right to use payment info on file requirements!

AGE - This one has 2 parts... First, a land owner can restrict you via the 18+ only allowed to visit aspect. This again REQUIRES a Linden Lab confirmation that you are above 18 years of age, the easiest of these is to fix your payment info on file! The second part of this, is in game age, this means a land owner can request to not allow certain aged players to enter their property via an orb or other object that scans the area on your arrival, if you are below the required age limit, it will eject you. We allow this feature to our land owners to disallow griefers, bots, or multiple alts to fish the same buoy or collect the same coins in the same given day. By limiting age it deters some from entering the lands where they are not allowed.

SCRIPT COUNT - This one is because of potential lag, not because of you as a person. Having too many scripts on a region can cause the lag to be so intense that players or even the land owner may crash and be disallowed to re-enter the land if it gets filled to maximum capacity. So in order to deter players from wearing too many scripts and to keep the lag low and keep other players and the land owner happy and lag free, scripts can be restricted to a certain limit.

Complexity - This one isn't used as often, as it's easier to just derender players than have them be on sim still. But complexity is a new concept from Linden Labs, a higher complexity means you are harder to render on a computer. Which means if you are highly complex you may crash others with lower settings than your own. So for this, it is labeled complexity ejection, but this should be fine if you lower your complexity to within required settings.

HARRASSING THE LO - Do I really need to explain this one? If you harass any land owner, they have the right to ban you outright. We do not get involved in land owner vs player disputes if it did not involve a technical reason. You call a land owner something rude, that's on you, not the land owner, and not the staff members. Be respectable at all times to all members of our community, that should be a given.

HEIGHT / CHILD AVATARS - This only pertains to ADULT sims. On adult sims there should be no child-play, based on Linden Labs rules. In accordance to this, staff are understanding that if a person is a child avatar they should be requested to change to an adult sized avatar so that they can keep within standards set by Linden Labs not allowing child-play on ADULT regions. Height should never be regarded based on avatar size or shape unless they are a child avatar on ADULT lands.

BECAUSE I CAN - Well technically they can, yeah. But if they are banning you based on nothing other than your rank and high standing, which is not allowed, please just find a staff member and don't harass the LO, come to us and file our report form so we can handle it the correct way.


Alright, these are several reasons why you cannot enter a parcel or region that are LEGITIMATE! If you argue with the staff or the LO based on how 'unfair' it is, we will tell you to look at the blog written for explanations because we have dealt with this issue multiple times to the point where it required two staff members to write blogs about this issue! Daisy's blog is here: http://www.goldtokens.net/blogs/1578/age-restrictions-and-payment-info-on-file-requirements


Thank you, and have a good day hunting, fishing, trivia solving!

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