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Silver Economy Simulation SES GAME Inception PHASE

Goldtokens Posted by in Announcements - January 12, 2020, 4:01 pm


Silver Economy Simulation (SES) GAME - Inception PHASE
[ Model for in-game economic growth for players benefit and active co-development/training of human resources in a virtual world ]

1) Initially game SILVER will be introduced into Scripting wizards game (School of Scripting Magic Craft)
2) EXCHANGE will be created - Players will be able to buy and sell SILVER from each other through EXCHANGE only and for L$
3) Players/wizards in game School of Scripting Magic Scripting will earn 10 SILVER for gaining every LEVEL.

*****SES ORGANIZATION as a SOCIAL ENTERPRISE ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Social_enterprise )
*Silver Economy Simulation (SES) is initially going to reward players for participating in laying out the framework and scope of *SES as organization and those that are gaining valuable skills of coding and participating at creative invention.

*SES organization built and managed by its active founding community will support the development of IDEAS for projects, games & services that will all use SILVER.
*SES will grow and support the players community and through use of SILVER enable network effect that both players and the developers in within the community will benefit from tremendously.

*SES will provide basic education in business and economics of trade (supply&demand) to promote growth of its community and *growth of value and creativity it possesses. SES will develop economic platform through which many developers will be able to *offer their skills, services and products to the growing numbers of players/participants in the community who all opt in to use SILVER to the benefit  of the economic growth for its community.


*As developers develop more games & services for the players to use their SILVER in... the demand for SILVER will increase and the value per UNIT of SILVER in L$ on exchange will increase.

SILVER will become valuable game commodity. SILVER will circle through L$ exchange from consumers to producers.
Some players will buy it on SILVER EXCHANGE from other players for L$.
Other players will save it and sell later. And some players of which most will be developers will sell SILVER for L$ on SILVER EXCHANGE to cash out their earnings from the products or services they sold to the other players in community. Although many of developers might save it themselves or use to access the products and services of other developers. Some players might just buy the SILVER whenever they feel the price of it is undervalue to sell it at later time when it increase in price.


By the end of 2020 only total of 10,000 units of SILVER will be issued.
SES players will be able to get SILVER by:
 - gaining scripting wizard levels
 - mining for SILVER.  ( *Silver mines will be introduced later )
 - buying SILVER on exchange for L$ from other SES players and developers
SES developers will be able to earn SILVER by developing and selling useful scripts/code, services, games, products to the SES community.
Everyone can become SES developer and add value to SES community and earn L$ by exchanging SILVER on exchange \⊙͜o/

By the end of 2020 TOP 10 holders of SILVER will VOTE about how many more SILVER will be issued for the year 2021. It will be amount that will promote steady and stable growth in SILVER value.

*In extreme case if the price of SILVER on exchange skyrockets and makes SILVER too expensive for newcomers to buy and use the TOP 10 holders will do emergency vote to increase total ISSUANCE of SILVER before end of 2020 to adjust the economic system for maximum and optimal growth.

By that time there might be 1000s of SILVER miners and the goal will be to keep promote sustainable and profitable SILVER mining.

5) SCRIPT TOOLS, libraries, frameworks, standards, APIs - with constant and iterative development of those we will make it possible for participants of SES organization to be able to create script applications, game systems and subscription services all sold in SILVER to help grow the demand for SILVER to keep growing in L$ exchange value.

There is a plan by founding members to build following systems that will accept payments in SILVER:

A) SILVER Coin Hunt
Coins charged with SILVER placed on lands for people to collect. That game will introduce new players into Silver Economy Simulation and inform them of how and where they can use SILVER to access many games and services that SES developers will be creating.

B) FEUDALISM 2.0 game ( Simulation of medieval economy )
Role-playing game with strict top down hierarchy (King/Queen). Game will feature use of gold votes by players for determining politics and the wheat farming for players to progress in titles.

C) DATABASE as a product (access on subscription plan priced in SILVER / month):
Biggest problem of LSL scripts is their limited option for storing DATA. So we plan to create a LSL scripts database layer for interacting with our MySQL database. That is very needed for advanced scripters to be able to create more intelligent and interactive systems/games that need to store and retrieve large amounts od data.

D) TINDER like dating application for AVATARS
a HUD where players will be able to like/dislike/match and arrange meetings with people they share common interests with.

E) Many others that will be thought up and developed by SES developers joining the SES organization.

SES will enable and encourage cooperation between tech engineers/developers who otherwise would not be able to cooperate because of lack of trust and no incentives. Instead of working against each other this platform enables active cooperation and mutual benefit from overall success of all who develop and offer products and services for the growing SES community in SILVER.

SES developed will offer a common shared fast growing market that will benefit from network effect.

Now still in initial design phase but as the system, platform, silver exchange, games & services are further developed - everyone is welcome to participate!

Join at any time to play or  co-develop.
More players and developers use it more benefit for everyone!  \⊙͜o/


Join the SES Game chat on DISCORD (Wili Clip):

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