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Is This Clear?

dayz Short Posted by in Announcements - February 10, 2020, 7:50 am


It has been brought to my attention, as things usually are, that there are some misconceptions regarding the responsibilities of LGH staff and  our actions/or lack of actions regarding players that are reported to us for breaches of TOS.

I will make this short and to the point

There is NOBODY in this community that has a free pass to violate our TOS. I do not care if you are the second cousin of whatisname twice removed, or married to the Fish Gawd himself. NOBODY gets a free pass. 
Our TOS is not open for debate. However, I am aware that some of its mandates may be open to interpretation., allow me to clarify the main one.
In the Landowner rules section, it states that LGH Staff do not involve ourselves in Landowner / player disputes. What this means is as 

If a landowner takes an action - such as banning - an LGH member from their land, we do not step in and mediate for either side. It is the Landowners right to ban whomever they wish.

What that rule does NOT mean is that staff will ignore a person violating a land rule or our TOS under the guise of we do not interfere , it s between them. It is our business when you break the "follow landowner rules " mandate. It is a breach of TOS when you break landowners rules. And we will take actions as outlined in the TOS under the consequences section. NOBODY is exempt.

If you are under the misconception that we let some people slide for whatever devious reasons we have, you are wrong. We do not tell you what actions we take because it isnt your business. its private between staff and the offending party. 

Sometimes when you report an issue of another payer, we investigate and find that they are not doing anything wrong. We will not punish a person just to satisfy some underlying need of reporting parties. We make damn sure there is guilt and if we find none .. end of case. 

We have new staff .. and we do NOT have a comprehensive training  set in place.  I am trying to remedy that even as we speak. Staff now know that all breaches of TOS are indeed our business and will take needed action if action is needed.. Key words.. if action is needed.

AT NO TIME, do friends of staff get special privileges and free passes. If one ever  breaches that trust, that staff will no longer be staff. I fully trust the staff team i work with to take care of their conduct and assure you they do not give out free passes or nods and hush hushes.

Rumors and hearsays are nasty business. Dont contribute to it , Remember, anybody can say anything.. its proving it that stops them short . Smiles

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