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dayz Short Posted by in Announcements - March 4, 2020, 1:34 am



The Chat Sploder gets funded thru the owners SL budget, not through a Goldtokens budget.. If you do not set a budget  limit, it will draw from your SL account indefinitely.
If placed near a trivia ball, it may knock a person answering trivia out and marked as a "spammer" for that round. This doesn't mean you're in trouble, just means you don't get paid as too many lines too quickly are registed by the sploder. Not to worry, on next round you will again be eligible to win


The Chat Sploder has a menu. The options/buttons on the menu are as follows


Clicking reset means you then need to grant debt permissions again. Once you do so, the folloing text appears in local chat

23:26] SecondAds Chatsploder B9-30: Commencing reset process...
[23:26] SecondAds Chatsploder B9-30: Resetting all settings to defaults...
[23:26] Second Life: 'SecondAds Chatsploder B9-30', an object owned by 'dayz Short', located in Brianconnais at 143.0, 231.0,898.6, has been granted permission to: Take Linden dollars (L$) from you.
[23:26] SecondAds Chatsploder B9-30: Thank you for granting debit permissions. The system will now begin monitoring local chat conversations within 20m range. Depending on the standard of conversations detected a reward will be paid to each participating avatar.
[23:26] SecondAds Chatsploder B9-30: Please remember to join the SecondAds (www.secondads.com) User Support Group: ADS Support Group.
[23:26] SecondAds Chatsploder B9-30: By default I use an UNLIMITED BUDGET. If you wish to limit the budget you can set it via the menu. The tax rate payable to SecondAds (http://www.secondads.com) is 30% - lower tax versions may be available in our marketplace store https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/77098


Turn Off

Means it turns it off.



Gives three options, off...high...and Low. When turned off, it will only make sound when people win


Health Check

This tells you what script memory is running at and if its a healthy level.  It then confirms that all systems are running as expected.



2 options here, easy and hard

When hard is selected, the payout increases to 2x and the ball turns red.


This allows you to choose between 1x, 2x, 3x, 4x, and 5x the normal payout rate. Normal payout rate is 1 linden per round. More about rounds  under that topic

Round Time

This has 4 options of round length. 2, 5, 10, and 15 minutes rounds. This means depending on the round you length you choose, rewards will be paid every round of that length to qualified winners.


Limit Budget

This allows you to set a budget to stay within. Not selecting a budget means the sploder will draw from your SL account indefinitely or until the SL budget runs empty.


Where to buy one for yourself

The Chat Sploder is only available through our vendors in-world at this time. We hope to change that soon. We also hope to add a page on our website that displays current active chat sploder lands.

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