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dayz Short Posted by in General - April 16, 2020, 9:23 pm


I live in the USA. Our total deaths thus far are 34,234. Today alone we are already over 1,646. (I use https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/#countries to get my information) They have been over 2000 a day for the last 4 days and it looks like this day will be the same.


When we hit 1900 last week i was all eyes wide and holy feckin cow dude. It floored me. Now, with 4 days of 2600 under my belt it no longer gets me anxious and in turmoil. I think there is more a resigned acceptance of whats happening to my fellow countrymen, to me, to the world. I think its a protective thing our mind does to help us deal with traumatic events. I suspect I am not the only one feeling it. I have to shake myseelf and remind myself that this is not a good time to be shielded fom the horrible reality of whats happening. Those arent just numbers , they are people, even in death they are people that matter to others.And now is not the time to be resigned to this.

Now is the time to be aware and alert and fighting  the virus. We are the front line. Us moms and uncles and grocery store clerks and mechanics and gardeners and retired folks and ...all of us. Dont let the protective shield cushion the horror from you, Let the horror be what motivates you to stick to the shelter at home mandates and  put on your gloves and your facemasks  Fight back.

We have the unique situation where we are people from all over the world gathered here on an almost daily basis. And while it is a much-needed escape from RL, it is also an opportunity to be heard world-wide. Smiles, and we all know Daisy is gunna grab that opportunity and run with it.

Daisy shouts...FFS, FIGHT BACK!!!


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Zosmine Resident
April 19, 2020, 1:42 am -

Well said. Totally agree ♥

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AwakenRaider Resident
April 25, 2020, 2:05 am -

Got ban for fishing with my son at the same time we cant go fishing in real life because of covid 19

Cant get pay for selling farm products after get ban for fishing with my son at the same time there is a stay home order so we cant go and fish is real life because of covid 19 lockdown I wish they had a fishing rod that you can not make any Lindens on but still have to pay for your worms to fish so you can fish with your family without getting ban how many of you have kids and want to do something with them we all are at home because of this covid 19 GOLDTOKENS have a heart dont ban people for fishing with there kids I also buy the shark rod for me and the pro rod for my son and that cost alot of Lindens

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