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The Things That Fall Out Of Your Mouth

dayz Short Posted by in Announcements - April 29, 2020, 4:15 am


We've all done it, both hands trying to shovel the words back in before someone notices.  Or worse, seeing the words spilt there on the floor for everybody to step in, no shoveling that mess backl in... so throwing more on it to try to hide the original mess.  Best to shut up, grab a mop, apologise, and clean up the spoilage. 

How we speak to others is not the things we say to them. Its the way in which we say them.  Language gives us options oin how we convey our thoughts. By using the right assembly of words we can convey respect, kindness, consideration, empathy, sympathy, understanding. Likewise we can construct our thought with difrent words and show disrespect, ignorance, meanness, selfishness, etc. The options are always there and for us alone to chose what we want to send out.


Mary has an old pc that sucks and often crashes when she goes to busy fishing events. She has found she has better luck at simple 1x buoys.

Mary; well, i sure wont recommend yadayada to people. Everry time i go there i crash or can barely get a cast in.


Mary; well, you are so generous with your big multiplier events and evrybody wants to go to them. =-0 I would go too but my old pc is so crappy it wqould crash me. Thank you for giving us all the event tho!

One shows respect and understanding that it isnt the buoy hosts fault that Mary has a suckie PC. It acknowledges that the owner of yadayada land is generous and shows regret that she  cant go.

The other shows disrespect and lack of honesty in admitingf to self whom is to blame. It says bad attitude and ignorance. It says hi Im someone with a unwelcome tendancy to cause drama with innaccurate statments.

It takes longer tro think out and type the good example, true. But it puts you in a friendly and likable light that all can relate to.

It leaves no bad vibes or consequences.  And even causes one top form a better opinion of  Mary for her honest assesment of her situation and so mforth. 

We all need to consider the way we say things more carefully. esp when its text based, and the judgement of who we are gets formed by the words we post.

For my own self, I am making a commitment to proof reading all that i type before I post it. The act of re-reading my words to check for typos will also give me a chancve to read again what I am saying, to see if those words really read as what I meant and represent who I am. I hope you all will take those few extra seconds to do the same. 

Uhm, Im not saying I will always get it right. Or even alway6s remember to try. But I will try to try.  =)



its easy to be kind to people who say nice things, the real test is being kind to people whoi accidentaly put their foot in their mouth

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soulorcell Resident
September 5, 2020, 8:26 pm -

This is the key to an enjoyable experience in Second Life (or any life for that matter). Thanks for the reminder, dayz...

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