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Silver Economy RPG SILVER trading meeting

Wili Clip Posted by in Announcements - May 4, 2020, 1:53 pm


We are organizing SILVER trading lessons on a daily basis now in Second Life to educate new players how to efficiently trade role playing game silver and earn Linden Dollars (turn L$ profit).

We're currently testing the Silver Jobs System at Spanx hangout: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Business%20Park/235/221/22

There you can earn Silver Points. Click on job system on the wall & start earning 1 SP / 15 min. 1000 SILVER will be shared to everyone with SP on Friday. SILVER value is 300 - 800 L$. Everyone welcome to help test & earn SP ^^

At time of posting this the price of silver on Silver Exchange has reached 500 L$ / SILVER.

Job available: dancer
Location: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Business%20Park/239/223/22

This is the easiest way currently to get your hands on valuable SILVER \☺/

There will be many more jobs available under different departments (also appropriate for general audience rated G) in the Silver Economy Role Playing game!


Following is a transcript from a game silver trading meeting, provided by ℜчρşчş 乙αραţєяσ) on 2020-05-01 19:

Everyone heard about Silver Economy Role Playing game yet ?
Its a very different type of role playing game :)
we're creating jobs that players can do to earn SP (silver points)
and those with most silver points every week will get bigger share of 1000 SILVER
that can be traded on Silver Exchange for L$
1st conversion of SP to SILVER will happen next Friday
until then everyone has time to earn SP :)
everyone now will get 30 SP for attending this meeting
after you receive your 30 SP and 1 SILVER. Follow the 4 STEPS to set your SILVER for sale on exchange using sell order
ok to buy silver you need to look at the Current PRICE and yes 340 is current ^^
to buy silver you simply right click on exchange and select to pay 340 L$ and you'll get SILVER
its same as buying worms in Fish Hunt ^^
Then we can move onto next step how to set it for sale

STEP 1 click on exchange :)
STEP 2 select button Sell order
STEP 3 select quantity  1
STEP 4: put in the desired price you want to sell it (must be lower than 340 L$)  ^^

the total amount distributed in 2020 will be 50 000 SILVER
initially we planned 10 000 silver but we expect that the number of players working for weekly SP in different silver jobs will be maybe around  1000 people
so with weekly 100 silver distributed that would not be enough for everyone to earn silver with their SP
so we increased to weekly 1000 SILVER distributed to everyone who worked for SP :)
and that makes total silver in 2020 to be capped at 50 000
the top 10% of players with most silver will have voting rights for next year 2021 decision on total supply of silver :)
currently we're testing silver job system with dancing
we will be creating more jobs
there will be 1 job in psychology center as well
and today an art and photo gallery is being set up  - we'll set some job there too
we're opening new departments and jobs
if anyone of you have an idea for jobs we could create - we're open for ideas
It has to be something where employees provide some kind of value to the general public :)
Now we'll have less brain intensive and more fun jobs in entertainment liek dancing/dancers/hosts  and we'll also have more brain intensive jobs in silver economy department, psychology department, Art department...
These days new department are being set up and listed at https://www.silvereconomy.website/jobs
ok and I think everyone understand how to buy it and which price to look when buying

Next in the exchange is Bid Price
Does anyone know what that is ?
Bid Price: 52 L$

ℜчρşчş 乙αραţєяσ: what you want to buy it for
Sexy: the price you want to pay

Wili Clip: yesh
correct ☺
and also if you have 10 units of SILVER you can use "Sell" button on exchange to sell that person who is bidding  your 10 silver right away
and you pocket 520 L$  (and your bag is -10 silver) ^^
so this is a way to sell your silver fast
but at much lower price
than if you use sell order
now if you have L$ in your Silver Wallet you can set up the buy order
and compete to buy some cheap silver
then Bid Price will show your price as you're offering the best price for silver
Q: how do you get L into your wallet?  A: through the SES ATM

Sexy: pay stack up cash up on boardwalk above us
Sexy: to enter into your wallet
Sexy: then you'll be able to fund your buy order

Wili Clip: So the way to trade SILVER for profit is you set up buy order for cheap silver and when someone sells (and as silver employees earn their SILVER next friday some probably will want to sell their SILVER)

Sexy: if you sell more than once - you can set any price you want on each sell order

Wili Clip: you can be waiting for cheap silver
and then you use sell orders to set your silver for selling at higher price and then you wait
The lowest offered priced silver will always sell 1st

Sexy: correct

Wili Clip: you can set your silver for sale at different prices yes but always the lowest price ordered will sell 1st when someone is buying
as this system grows and more people start using it we'll at some point need to upgrade the web server
currently whole silver game is ran on shared host
in future we plan to rent a standalone / dedicated web server for this
when you trade SILVER there is 0 $ commission
silver wallet has not been scripted yet
there will be commission on withdrawals
of L$ trading earnings
the commission will be based on amount of L$ that you have sitting in your silver wallet
and we plan it will be following:
 0 < 5000  - 50%
5000 < 10.000  - 40%
10000 < 150.000  - 30%
There will be daily withdrawal limit 300 - 600 L$ (still deciding)
probably 600 L$
so if you'll have more than 5000 L$ earnings in your silver wallet  the commission will be 40 %
and if you have more than yes

-Kєv-: so less L$ in wallet the less commission paid on selling silver?

Wili Clip: the commission might be readjusted a bit
its not final
the final withdrawal commission will be announced when withdrawals are implemented
but will be around those figures that have been posted...

rion400: if i have 600 and i withdraw 600 i get 300?
rey0v: what the minimum withdraw amount?
Ash: Can you go over the commission one more time Wili? With maybe an example? Like say I have 1000L (50% commission) and I withdraw 600, do I get 300... or do I get 500 and lose 500? or am I missing something entirely?

Wili Clip: more people do the trading more active the market is
more  profit opportunity from trading for everyone there is

Saraliz: you get 50% of whatever you withdraw
ℜчρşчş 乙αραţєяσ: 50% of everything below 5000
-Kєv-: so if we have L$11000 in wallet, we get 70% the withdrawal? or is it 70% commission paid and we get 30%?

Wili Clip: at amount 1000 you'll get paid out 300 and 400 remains in your silver wallet that you can withdraw next day
so from 1000 you'll withdraw 500 L$ in 2 days
With this type of games when a large number of people play them
industry are called "whales"
whales is a name for players with deep wallets
they will probably want to control the silver market and the price by buying large amounts ☺
if the game grows it will be interesting

-Kєv-: so it pays to not withdraw and let funds build up in wallet?

Wili Clip: as usually the whales fight each other... we don't know where the price will be - it will be determined by supply and demand
and the supply is limited
weekly 1000 SILVER
correct Kev
you can use your L$ in silver wallet for bidding / buy orders ^^
one thing is for sure the price of SILVER can never be 0 L$
because there will always be someone who is going to have buy orders set
goal is always to try to get your silver at cheapest amount possible as the price can grow
in short term as there is not many silver jobs yet
the price of silver might drop...
as the 1st silver players who work for SP might just sell their SILVER
then the number of players working for weekly SP to get portion of 1000 SILVER will increase
and everyone will get less silver and the price of silver on Silver exchange can start increasing
it all depends how fast we'll be able to grow the total number of players
and how many players we can educate to be able to do basic trading
Like I said I'll have a trading lesson every day now until the 1st 1000 silver payout to everyone with SP
and then we will create a job position
for someone to take over the lessons and they will receive SP for organizing and continuing this lessons

-Kєv-: SP is cleared each week and coverted automatically into silver for those who earned it (or earned enough)?
Sexy: maybe the best that understand could teach others

Wili Clip: and you start earning them again
it works brilliant and I've used the same concept with silver points  ^^
we'll create jobs in silver economy that will help the whole Silver Economy to grow :)
and everyone who got silver will benefit ^3
from the Silver Economy growth

rion400: will silver points be awarded in gold hunt?
Sexy: Not at moment

Wili Clip: yes not at the moment but in future there is an idea
it would take some work....
to have Gold Hunt limited events...
that we might implement in future as its amazing way to get more players into Silver Economy Game..

-Kєv-: is there ever plans to expand the system where land owners can host the "jobs" on their lands as well? or is it remaining strictly a BP thing

Wili Clip: There totally is such plan Kev
currently its limited only to BP because I am still testing the silver job system and upgrading its code as needed
for example I added auto log off every 30 min today
as some started using silver jobs as camping
sp = silver points
at 1st I'll start installing the job system in other clubs  in limited amounts so that we can work out any bugs or improve against exploits that we learn some might do
Kev you can volunteer as 1st test club ^^and will be able to install at your club too ☺
lesson concluded ☺
its in ALPHA and once we have withdrawal ATM we can turn it into BETA phase ^^


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