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Silver Economy RPG as a FREE service to landowners and content creators

Goldtokens Posted by in Silver Economy RPG - May 18, 2020, 1:59 pm


Silver Economy  Role Playing Game is being designed with an idea in mind to make an innovative incentive system  for players in Second Life to be able to earn L$ as they rank up in silver rpg game for learning, teaching, developing, organizing, gaining new skills, recovering from different traumas or just socializing and making new friends and acquaintances from all over the world.

We are designing Silver Economy Role Playing Game  in a way that will benefit all the participants of Second Life Economy and most of all grow and boost Second Life Economy itself. We are creating a tool for landowners to create rewarding social settings where people interact, meet, learn, cooperate, entertain and create / run virtual businesses or develop services to earn L$.

We believe we are potentially designing a killer app of Second Life.  A project that will change Second Life forever. We belive that our type of role playing game based on points that give incentives to people to provide and add value to one another can help Second Life reach its true potential and also enable a new and a rewarding way for humans to cooperate through a virtual world.

It can become a best showcase for use case of a virtual world as a new tool with paradigm change potential for human kind. When internet was created as a protocol not many were aware or able to see how it will change the world. A Virtual World such as Second Life and future such virtual worlds can be seen as new type of internet  protocols where many useful and paradigm changing applications can be built on top.

I have been a successful entrepreneur in Second Life for the last 9 years and I have tasted its potential. I have organized my life around working virtual. Now with a new game system I want to drive the idea of a virtual world as a new type of organizational tool for humans to create , add value and create economic growth and all of its benefits for participating communities at a much faster pace than it is possible in REAL LIFE.
Through last 6 months 1000s of programmers hours have been invested into it this project and every day many hours are put into further developing this game system.

Silver RPG Job units in near future will be given to all land owners, content creators and all virtual business owners FREE of charge. Silver RPG Job units will give out base SP (silver points.) In near future update, landowners will  be able to set up SP (silver points) multiplier events on specific job units. They will be able to set a SILVER budget by paying SILVER into it. The SILVER they earned working in silver rpg jobs or bought for L$ on open exchange (Silver RPG Exchange) from other players who worked silver rpg jobs to earn it.

Landonwers will be able to set their Job units for public use or limit its use to a certain silver rpg employee. For example a Second Life content creator will be able to buy SILVER through silver rpg exchange from other players and set it as budget in his "Customer Support silver rpg job unit" and run a SP (silver points) multiplier for his/her loyal, trained, experienced silver rpg employee. Many landowners and content creators who will be buying the silver on silver rpg exchange will present a demand for silver price and by doing that causing it to be stable or growing in value. Many such actors will provide for a high liquidity on silver exchane and at any given point all silver rpg employees who worked for SP (silver points) to earn SILVER will be able to exchange it for Linden Dollars (L$) or directly use it to buy virtual goods and services from growing number of supporting content creators/providers who will sell them for SILVER.

In Silver Economy RPG there is no product that we sell to earn L$ to be able to run the server strong enough to support the growth in number of silver job units that will be all over Second Life and used by thousands of players. We offer this game as a service with NO SUBSCRIPTION FEE.

There is no commission (0%) on Silver RPG exchange.

To be able to finance the development, server rent, marketing, customer support and maintanance cost of the game system and a growing virtual enterprise as a whole we have commission that is set at the point of players L$ earnings withdrawals from the game. Currently there is 30% commission on L$ withdrawals for top 10 RANKED players by amount of SILVER they have,  50% commission for everyone and 20% commission for TOP 1 RANKED player in the game (a player who has and is keeping the most SILVER). As the game grows the commissions will be subject of change (can be lowered) when the amount of players in the game and growth rate is more sustainable.

By structuring the funding for the game development and management this way we can offer this game as a service to landowners and content creators for FREE. In exchange they use their L$ to support the demand for SILVER so that the price/value is stable or in moderate growth with everyones value of silver growing. They buy silver because they want to run the silver rpg job services and reward players who in exchange provide value or useful service to their virtual land or virtual business.

There is no promise of profit for having SILVER. The main reason and the goal of open RPG Silver Exchange into L$ and vice versa is to enable players exchanging their SILVER they worked for by acquiring weekly Silver Points/SP. It is always up to players to decide if they want to keep their SILVER or sell it. Keeping and growing it also means RANKING up in TOP PLAYERS Chart and getting access to more and more higher rewarding silver rpg jobs. The main buyers of SILVER RPG currency (and the drivers of demand) are the content creators and the landowners who use SILVER to reward players in exchange for gaining traffic or have for them useful work and services performed for them.       


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