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Silver Economy RPG Not just a game but a social experiment as well

Wili Clip Posted by in Silver Economy RPG - May 23, 2020, 1:31 pm


Games can have an incredible transformative effects on humans. We know that already from how fast non english speaking kids learn english by playing games in english. I know because I was once that kid myself. By english games I was conditioned to associate positive and exciting feelings from games with english language and now I love english language for life. This is same classical conditioning that happens with kids and how they later feel about their mother languages that we've been brought up with (this is also the reason why we call it mother language). Because mother language is associated with all the pleasures and fullfilled needs we as babies and small toddlers needed and received while at the same time as those needs were fulfilled we by our mothers care we have been hearing her voice and language.

My experiment hypotesis and field of research and purpose of next big game system being designed: Can human impulses for "desire" and even "greed" (for monetary, fame, status & sexual gratification) be converted through the use of market economy mechanics and incentives to use all those human impulses for good and betterment of all participants in within the game? We all share the biological need of our brain for rewarding stimulation caused by all activities that stimulate dopamin and other for pleasure inducing neurotransmitters in our brain. That is known and is part of our daily needs we need to fullfill to fend from depression or feeling of social isolation.
In within a game we can create a stimulating and rewarding environment where on one side people are fulfilling and satisfying their impulses that are just part of humanity / have always been and on the other side people being rewarded for contributing their time, effort, energy and keep improving themselves in skills, education, talents to offer better and better service that more and more people enjoy in. This creates and boosts player to player economy while lasting connections are created through cooperation and advancemend (ranking up) and improving the social status within the community. Those who contribute to the gaming community wellbeing and growth the most are at the same time most rewarded by the same community of players with the spoils such an economic growth brings. 
Can we design a game system as gamified ever evolving and improving work environment that will lead/incentivise/motivate humans to invest their free time (otherwise primarily reserved for leasure, games and sexual gratification) to acquire new skills, improve/ upgrade their personalities, learn new languages, take on tasks that require more responsibility, learn to lead or concentrate and focus better. Also to reward them for improving their unique skills and talents in return they invest some of their time to keep improving things for the community within the game system that they got so many benefits from. In effect at some point 1000s of "already enhanced" players would keep improving and enhancing processes and tasks/design and structure with never ending aim to improve lives of thousands of humans playing such game. 
Can we create an Economy Growth Simulation in a virtual world creating a game like rewarding environment that to human society will introduce much faster and much more efficient growth of all the essential parts of human economy and human advancement?
I believe it can be done and modern science already discovered all the tools needed.
Imagine historically popular game Sims
Just that in this game you are the character and by gaining points you are gaining skills that you can use to further your abilities and new talents that empower you.
Such a game like system designed for human advancement can encourage people to better themself as human beings and participants in a more healthy human society NOT BY PUNISHING THEM with threat of exclusion from society (or GRADING and with that DEGRADING) them for not doing things or reaching standards that current authorities set in place in society require or expects of them. BUT BY REWARDING THEM AT EVERY POINT OF THEIR PERSONAL GROWTH, for every new skill acquired, every new unit of knowledge gained and for every newly discovered unit of talent shaped and improved.
People that are taught they don't meet standards stop improving themself and in order to survive they adapt abnormal and morally ambiguous human behavior that includes lying, cheating and stealing and other for society disruptive behaviors. As they perceive their life as being abandoned by the system or that system is not working for them. And it isn't. Such thinking leads some people into deppression and others into rebellion. Perception of unsuccessful life is trigger for many psychological disorders. They are all product of such badly designed system that doesn't take all humans into account.
Every fabric of our human society should be designed to help to advance human beings with positive reinforcement at every step and stage of human growth.
This vision can not be realized by 1 individual. It needs to be designed systemic and all the participants need to be

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