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Dream Vision Silver Economy Simulation

Wili Clip Posted by in Silver Economy RPG - May 25, 2020, 3:08 pm


I have dream that one day all the people when they work they will not just work for themselves or just their own families / organizations / towns / nations but for all of humanity!

We are all globally connected. Maybe Coronavirus shows us how much of biological and economy / financial market systems we share.

The structure of human society (in an analogy) is like Ant Nest. If Queen/elite ants are doing good but the other ants are suffering & the nest structure is unstable so all ants can't do their job or if many ants die/become dead load (don't move/have no purpose in their lives) the whole ANT NEST STRUCTURE will collapse and it will bury the Queen and elite ants.

Even from this ant nest analogy its very easy to understand (even for dumbest of or power hungriest/obsessed) world leaders why they shouldn't try to stop or brake the human scientific and technological progress (even by just not letting the education systems [also by not investing resources into them] to get upgraded for information age). Even in monetary theory which is the most important in how we humans organize and spend our energy, skills & knowledge.

Young people, knowledge and modern skills seekers, artists, designers, architects, systems engineers of today and many who are yet to become. We have inherited a STRUCTURE that is collapsing from old age. Alternatives are set up and there is competition between old and new systems. The most efficient and the best systems always prevail. Its just a question of time.

We are living through a shift from the leftovers of old industrial age to new information age. Many human systems are still designed for old industrial age. The biggest of them and the most important human system is education. Through education we get information about how to view the world and how to be more successful. But the world is changing faster than education material and ways of teaching can not keep up with. There are not enough elite professors and teachers in the world for the demand for knowledge that whole of human society has. Access to best and most knowledgeable lecturers in the world is restricted.

At every given point in time there might be next Einstein still being a kid who is in future going to develop a new theory that will create a leap forward in human science and understanding of the world. Often those people struggle through school as most schools don't cater to all learning styles. Often people who make new discoveries are self taught and they discover things out of sheer human curiosity of things. Every kid deserves an education that best serves his unique learning style. The old education system designed for industrial age can not fulfill such requirements.

In some countries people have to pay for education to get a paper certificate that gives you access to better paying positions in human organizational and economic structure. In some countries value of that paper certificate is devalued by other people with those paper certificates who are despite having it less qualified to be in lead positions of their organizations than some people without. Reality is that in most organizations when students get a job their real learning only really begins and they start learning all the skills needed at their work-place. Many educational organizations are highly politicized or their main goal is to make money off desperate people wanting to get education to get better life. Favoritism, favors and cronyism is still present in too many important institutions.  

Information and knowledge wants to be FREE. So does education. Everyone who is educated and understands the importance of it for humankind owes it to the humankind to enable mass access to knowledge through all education centers.

We live in an unique times of biggest advances in human history. We already have tools for mass online communication and mass education, we have tools to solve so many problems. But we don't have enough people who know how to use those tools. We need to design new economic incentive systems that will reward people for gaining new knowledge and skills to learn how to use new tools of modern age and advance themselves and help their communities to be more successful and prosper.      

Most systems are set up that do not work for everyone. I call those systems inefficient or outdated systems needing to be reformed and upgraded. The world has shifted and there is so many opportunities to discover new way how we humans can organize and by working together in cooperation create a beautiful organizational symphony to advance the human condition for everyone.

New type of organizations are agile organizations that are at the same time learning organizations. Focus is on constant improvement of every process in within the organization. This organization can be seen as a hybrid between an university and a startup or established corporation. It gives chances to everyone to keep improving on business or work process and their own skills as they're at the same time adding value to organization and its purpose of existence.

All this is motivation behind Silver Economy Simulation. A Role playing game with goal and focus on rewarding people to self actualize. Learn useful / valuable information and spread useful / valuable information onto others.

Duty of every human being that gains new knowledge is to share it with others and in effect create an enlightened society and a better society for our children.

Wili Clip
Silver Economy Simulation


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