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Could Second Life become a worldwide hub for entrepreneurs kind of Virtual Silicon Valley

Wili Clip Posted by in Silver Economy RPG - May 25, 2020, 5:09 pm


One of the best tools for new ways for how people meet, emotionally connect to one another and cooperate internationally and over the borders is through a virtual world. Virtual world is a new tool if we allow ourselves to view it as such. It is just in front of us. All we need to do is find best ways to use it and showcase value it can bring to human society. Like any new protocol if the company owning it wants it to become one or if its seen as a platform it needs a killer app.

Second Life can be a platform for starting new businesses, startups, cooperation, incredible worldwide talent pool for HRs, recruitment. It doesn't matter if characters look cartoonish. Google's logo is cartoonish as well and it has become one of the biggest and most inovative tech companies. In matter of fact Second Life already is that platform (for starting new international businesses, startups formation, cooperation, place of incredible worldwide talent pool for HRs to tap in and recruit). Many virtual businesses have been set up but they're ran by RL professionals or people that acquire equal or comparable skills needed to run real life corporations. Virtual goods market turns over 30 - 50 millions USD a year and it could turn many multiple times over.

Second Life is full of incredible and talented people. But the problem is very similar as in RL economy... everyone is for themselves. There is no trust, there is no friendship and caring for each other. Every talented and skilled person is like an island by itself. Everyone is isolated and great ideas are not shared and new friendships that could be basis for new incredible startups are not being formed.  Talented people are not connected. Despite presence of many engineers, top grade designers and entrepreneurs from all over the world the space in virtual world seems as if it was empty. Many have left or moved onto other projects as they stopped to believe that Second Life can grow any further. Growth attracts all the people because it presents many opporunities. Investments of time energy and money did not flow.

A space where entrepreneurs, scientists, innovators, engineers are not interacting is same as empty or desserted. But Second Life is far from desserted. It is maybe just in slow mode in economic growth term. Its virtual economy needs boost. Like every econoomy, its is built by people who interact and conduct transactions. They invest time, money and energy for ideas. Consumers in virtual world who actually created their account to find new social opportunities become detached islands themselves. Many SL consumers look for places where they could so some kind of work to feel connected with the goal and mission of the place. What we all look in virtual world is friends, novelty and opportunities.

Lets take for example Silicon Valley. By itself  it is just a region in the southern part of the San Francisco. Without incredible, ingenious people that concentrate in that region it would be just that... empty space, another region on the map. The culture of Silicon Valley (Stanford faculty starting setting up their own companies) was actually started by professor Frederick Terman. Known as legendary dean of Stanford engineering school or father of Silicon Valley.

"The beginning of Silicon Valley was all about men and women, engineers, who had ideas out of science fiction about what technology could enable."

Many of those ideas have now come true, like the personal computer and the iPhone, both envisioned by Steve Jobs. And we now wear what was once envisioned in a comic book as the “Dick Tracy wrist radio”–the Apple Watch.

Early engineers were not after money, they were about making things possible that had never been possible before, such as space travel. As a result, they received both government grants and venture capital.

We have now reached the point where Silicon Valley is a rich ecosystem where everyone with an idea eventually shows up because it’s possible to sit in a coffee shop and form a team, raise some money, and get started.


Just like it happened in Silicon Valley in RL, today in Second Life it can all start with an idea or experimental concept. It can be an individual or a set of people who bootstrap it and when it works a mass of people further it while they're all in pursuit of their own goals but at the same time they are benefiting whole community and boosting growth of economy.

We are working on an exciting experimental project named Silver Economy Simulation. It is designed as a role playing game where the mission of all players participants is to grow the economy of Second Life. Mission and goal is to make Second Life a better environment that adds real value and new opportunities for everyone who joins us. We are also creating a culture of a learning community that invests in its members so that they can add more value to the community.

Silver Economy Simulation as a social experiment

Silver Economy Simulation as a FREE service to all participants in a virtual economy of Second Life

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