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Silver Economy Simulation meeting - Where we are and where we are going

Wili Clip Posted by in Silver Economy RPG - May 27, 2020, 6:06 pm


Mermaid Celene (celenehighwater): This meeting is going to be very exciting. It is about where we are and where we are going in Silver Economy.
It is an impromptu gathering.

Wili Clip: Welcome to the 1st unplanned general SES Meeting that is also a TEST to see if people doing silver jobs see the meeting announcement notice in drop down men. The meeting is about how is SES doing so far and where we think that it will grow from here. And if silver rpg jobs can take over SL. And what all do we need to do to make that happen ^^

Mermaid Celene (celenehighwater): I have lots of ideas and some suggestions. I'm sure you all do too.

Wili Clip: For Silver Economy Simulation to take over the SL grid like a flood and boost SL economy we are going to need to educate a lot of people. A lot!
And those people are going to educate other people... This is going to be biggest community effort SL has ever seen.
We're soon going to open Silver News & Media Center so that information about this can flow even faster and keep everyone informed. There will be new jobs as well.

Mermaid Celene (celenehighwater): This will also mean there will be another center and a whole lot of opportunities. Wili says that Silver Economy RPG will be the biggest community effort SL has ever seen.
The key here is community. We all have a hand in it, we can all contribute, and we can all invest our time and energy to grow SL so it reaches its true potential.

Wili Clip: So as you might all have figured out already.... Silver Economy Simulation is a new type of organization that we are building as a role playing game in SL. Its a hybrid between educational organization (usually non profit) and a classical for profit driven corporation (that has profit oriented oriented structure and is divided in specialized departments). As you might already see even here... we are just starting in ALPHA and we all still need to get better organized. From chaos to order.

Wili Clip: As the technical concept designer of this game and its economics I have set some really high goals that we can all subscribe for and reach as a massive growing collective under Silver Economy Simulation/RPG. These are goals that we can use expression EPIC goals. One of the many goals is to grow this game so big that one day the Silver Economy RPG will be responsible for growth of a big % of all virtual goods sales and value services traded in SL. Silver Economy RPG is being designed in a way to grow economy and share/rewards benefits of it growth with massively amount of players contributors.

We are experimenting with new ways of organizing and motivating people. We are marrying the concept of a learning organization with a concept of massively multiplayer online game. The goal is not killing Orcs, building massive armies to control the area or taking over kingdoms. Goal is to build an economic framework with a mmorpg game style incentive structure in which a massive army of people are going to role play in jobs that reward them XP (experience points) and RANK. All role playing jobs are designed in a way that they provide real value to players. In effect a massive army of players playing and participating in this game will grow value economy of massive proportions. The main goal of the game is with increasing participation to grow virtual economy in EPIC proportions so that we can all be proud and showcase of what we as intelligent human collective from all over the world are capable of. Many people have played World Of Warcraft as kids and later into adulthood. Silver Economy Simulation / RPG is a massively online role playing game inside Second Life designed for adults and our goals are real and when we reach them we are going to create waves that will shake the fabric of human society in most positive way possible. We are all collectively designing this game and participating to make history.

Currently mostly only designers and content creators can sell their products in Second Life... they are the only people who have the needed talents and high enough developed skills to be able earn well for it. But I imagine a future in which all the people with all the different cultural, educational backgrounds and skills sets can put their time and energy to work in virtual economy that is much bigger than nowdays.

SES RPG game is designed in this way to grow virtual economic growth. Not to take away from other communities or virtual businesses. It is designed to help them grow
We have another goal that is to educate the biggest mass of people through a virtual world in history. To gain new skills, from dealing with conflicts, reduce stress, learn how to better manage people, management, organizing things.... and many other things...

We will also need a lot of teachers for all various things
And this teachings need to be done all the time. Educative information has to flow all the time and this information needs to be keep improved and updated. That is where the Silver Points come into play... Silver Points reward those who contribute most to the growth of our silver community that we are building
It is a value based reward system that motivates people to create and add value
We're just experimenting in ALPHA but what we have seen is that it works well already on a small scale....
From ALPHA version our goal now is to scale up this concept

Mermaid Celene (celenehighwater): So land and business owners get ready!

Wili Clip: and grow silver community into several thousands members and even tens of thousands (if we manage to reach another goal of ours to increase the login rate of people from all over the world)
This is a goal that we all can share and through Silver Economy Simulation we all can contribute and at the same time be rewarded from it.
We all care for Second Life
We learned that through virtual world we can do so many new things that are simply not possible in RL...
Businesses can be started much faster than in RL...
In real life if you want to start a new startup you only have good chances if you live or move yourself close to big business and financial centers...
In Second Life you don't need to relocate or move anywhere.... Second Life can become a worldwide educational and financial business center....
But we need to find ways to recruit people and show that this is possible
This is another goal of Silver Economy Simulation.

Mermaid Celene (celenehighwater): Recruitment could be another joB. RL marketing of SL and Silver Economy.
Via social media channels and utilization of hash tags.

Wili Clip: To achieve something like that our incentive system is going to need to attract best talents and best minds to join us and contribute (silver points and silver reward system can pay for everyones time, energy and contribution).
Yes there is plan to also open a Human Resources Center...
Its goal will be to help people find what they can be good at and where they can contribute the most and where they're needed the most. We plan to create jobs for every skill set.
To achieve big goals that we've set up. We are going to have to learn and use the most up to date and most advanced organization structure and management styles possible...
Everyone is learning
With every step of developing this I am learning as well
None comes to this world knowing everything... we all learn
Most people have been taught that they're not good enough to become what they wanted as kids and to do things they wanted.
That is wrong and the biggest fallacy of education system

Mermaid Celene (celenehighwater): Especially if you are disabled.

Wili Clip: Many schools teach people they don't meet the standards

Mermaid Celene (celenehighwater): SL has a huge disability community, some of which are a part of disability communities, some who are not.
Wili, if I may?

Wili Clip: sure

ayelent es>en: where is that community for the disabled I'm interested

Mermaid Celene (celenehighwater): The concept of Silver Economy stands to make SL in to something so much bigger than it has ever been. Second Life is so much more than clubs and sims for romance. It is a free world, a market where anything can happen. Let's work together to make it in to something fantastic, something that puts all other virtual worlds to shame.
SL is the best, and it has a bad reputation outside of SL.
It is seen as a place for elicit activities, not as a opportunity zone for jobs and education.
Silver Economy can change that.
We can change that.
But it will have to be a grid wide effort, a community effort. LGH is huge, and LGH can make a difference.
For the disabled community, this represents an opportunity for them to use the skills and talents they have in a productive way. They can not work as well as they once did in RL, but here they can thrive.
Virtual Ability is a leader in Second Life and I would love to see VAI partner with Silver Economy to help VAI members find meaningful virtual world jobs.
I truly believe this system has the ability to grow and change Second Life for the better.
And I give the floor back to Wili.

Wili Clip: The only way SL will be respected by outside world and that is like the language that all of business community knows best is if the virtual economy inside Second Life grows. And only way to make it grow is to provide real value to people inside Second Life. To provide real value the people inside need to each create and provide as much value as they can for other people (making friends and showing new people around SL what it ). That is why we are developing SES in a style of a learning organization. Its participants are constantly improving and getting better.
Making friends and showing new people around SL what it is and what they can do here and how to participate in different thins is already valuable for example.*
Silver Economy Simulation is a new type of organization. Its a hybrid between educational organization (usually non profit) and a classical profit driven corporation (that has directors - board members / owners and departments).
This type of organization is called learning organization. In business management, a learning organization is a company that facilitates the learning of its members and continuously transforms itself.
The concept was coined through the work and research of Peter Senge and his colleagues. Peter Senge is American systems scientist and a senior lecturer at the MIT Sloan School of Management.
In a learning organization we have five disciplines: A shared Vision (1), Mental Models (2), Team Learning (3), Personal Mastery (4) and System Thinking (5).
The fifth Discipline, System Thinking, is the one discipline that binds the other four
Silver Economy Simulation is a system that grows through rewarding people to provide value for each other...
It connects people who before had no incentives to connect
It creates a community and removes the unnecessary competition between people...
It gives a framework under which people who before have been competing against each other can now work together under same goals...
The main goal of this game is the same as was the main goal of Second Life as a virtual world. It is to grow it
That it changes how people do things...
Ok, enough talk of macro perspective and wide goals of the SES...
For now and for today
The goal is to introduce a silver marketplace version 1.0
Now a lot of people are earning SILVER and SP...
We know that silver ranks us...
And in near future higher ranks are going to give us access to better rewarded jobs
But also with more responsibility (but worry not... you will not loose a job if you do a small mistake ;) - all silver rpg employees will always be given chance to improve themselves and get better and also get qualified for better jobs)
We'll make so many jobs that there will always be something for someone to do... and grow the silver user base.
Ok ,back to Silver Marketplace
Soon people will start trade their virtual products and services for SILVER
And with next update to the SES Silver Vendor
We'll enable so that players can sell products and services for SP as well[11:37] Wili Clip: maybe I'll manage to finish the update today...
It has been an enormous educational challenge .... already up to this stage.... we now have thousand people slowly understanding how SP works... and as I was programming the system and in alpha version I learned from people what they've been asking the most... so I programmed answers to their questions already into silver wallet drop down menu...

-Kєv- (kevdee): what could be interesting is opening up opportunity for lower ranks to higher SP jobs, one of societies downside is dividing the rich and the poor, giving lower ranks opportunity to earn more and close the divide between lower ranks and upper ranks, not just because some can buy silver in bulk and create that divide, it creates a more even structure of the SES society. Divide leads a lot of societies issues, ot could be something to create that vision of equality amongst people and not feeling inadequate or divided from others

Mermaid Celene (celenehighwater): That would be a nice thing to add btw Wili. A way for me to know how much time I have left.

aiur2 Resident: that is, can I buy scripts to make my vendors for sales?

Wili Clip: Very ingenious thing of silver points reward system as we look upon it now and reflect is.... we all have incentives to point out and remove the bad players
For example if someone is using bots....
All players have incentive to point them out
And we can punish cheaters by taking away their SP or ban them from the game.

Abbie (abbiesail): wili will we be able to buy fishing related things with silver in future? like rods, worms

Mermaid Celene (celenehighwater) listens for the answer.

Wili Clip: As more SP is earned by cheaters less value the SP that you have earned has.... We can all see the SP value in L$ in the Silver Wallet

Mermaid Celene (celenehighwater): I have suggested that Trivia Hunt reward a SP for every correct answer instead of L$.

-Kєv- (kevdee): where do we forward this information of the "bad players"?

Wili Clip: currently to me...
But in future we'll set up a job of a Jobs Inspector

Abbie (abbiesail): how do we know who is using bots wili?

MissandraFire: Or SP Fraud Detectives. New job created! :)

Wili Clip: That employee will have ability to take points of someone...
You can see if someone is using bots... they usually log them all at once...
Like you see on sploders...

Mermaid Celene (celenehighwater): Yes, an option would be nice. Maybe on your LGH profile there could be a setting for that.

Wili Clip: You see.... this is group knowledge....
Information is shared fast. You all together know more about bots and how to find one than me myself :)))

Mermaid Celene (celenehighwater): I think the idea has been to keep this totally separate from Fish Hunt, etc. but there might be some value in converting something like Trivia Hunt to use SP. Or, like was suggested, offering the option.

Rᴏxɪᴇ Dᴏʟʟ (callroxiedoll): lol managing clubs you gotta be quick when there's griefers to crash sims

Wili Clip: This is best job to be for everyone... everyone has incentive for others not to devalue your SP you are earning :)
-Kєv- (kevdee): Is people using multiple alts to earn SP either via jobs or wallet, then winning silver each week but emptying those side alts of silver, also classified as bad players?

Wili Clip: yes
Currently our focus is to grow as many players as fast as possible. But in future we plan to implement website verification
Before someone is going to be able to claim their SILVER
Just a verification that you're not using 5 alts to do multiple jobs with them
I am very excited about Silver Marketplace
There are so many things that players in SL can sell to each other in terms of goods and also services...

Julie (julie12911): with data we can create visualizations and develop the game

Wili Clip: We're going to need someone who will take over the lessons on how to use SES Silver Vendor - Objects

Julie (julie12911): such as which jobs most people are preferring and what time which places get crowded and such

Wili Clip: currently there isn't enough jobs yet.... and currently I think the most popular jobs are those that give 2 SP
And everyone wants to be a trader...
Today I've added simple instruction to all the trading station
What are the steps needing to be taken to be a trader
I thought we'll be able to put it as text on graphics.... but due to confusion I've put a text through script :) will for for version 1.0 :)

ℜчρşчş 乙αραţєяσ (rypsys.zapatero): i can help with the vendor teaching wili

Wili Clip: Does anyone have any questions about Silver Marketplace ?
Thank you Ryps!
We will need to teach as many people as possible on how to use script to sell things for silver :)

ℜчρşчş 乙αραţєяσ (rypsys.zapatero): will set up some classes

ulie (julie12911): Is it possible with the fluctuating values of Linden?

๖̶̶̶ۣۣۜۜ͜ζ͜͡žєєєє (zandies): I'd be interested in learning to sell things for silver

Rᴏxɪᴇ Dᴏʟʟ (callroxiedoll): Maybe that could be a job too then lol Silver Vendor Trainer or something lol
Btw where is the script for sale at for that? Where the School of scripting Magic is with the others?

Wili Clip: One of these days I want to create a meeting about: "What is value and what is price" ^^

LadyNightsong: Is there a calender or could there be of events and classes? Sometimes SL eats my notices and itt would be nice to have have some place to look and plan.

Wili Clip: callroxiedoll that is already covered by a job of Speaker

Julie (julie12911): please beep me, I want to learn it

Wili Clip: All who want to learn about how to use silver vendor script to sell things for silver contact Rypsys, so he notifies you when he is going to hold a lesson next time :)
We call it silver marketplace version 1
Because its going to get upgraded :)
As more people sell more things for silver and soon also for SP
We also want to create an economy for virtual services
Where players can hire other players for different type of services...
Silver and silver points are going to be used
As a means of exchange value for silver or SP ☺

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