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Call to all the gamers in the world

Wili Clip Posted by in Silver Economy RPG - May 29, 2020, 5:56 pm

Silver Economy Simulation is a game-framework-system that is very different from any other game known before because its actually more like a socio-economic reward based cooperation framework (massively multiplayer role playing jobs game). A game system that gives mission and job to every player/gamer to contribute to the game evolution and also pays them.
Its designed to attract all the people from all over the world with different educational backgrounds and skill sets who want to join forces, create global synergy of epic proportion and change the world through a game. The game framework integrates everyone who has some value to contribute to players/humanity. In exchange for all value contributed in game to further expand and improve the game and any kind value processes improved player receives value tokens that can be exchanged for (virtual currency exchangable for real money) on an open exchange.
Very big emphasis is also on education. We are forming virtual education centers and organizing all players who can contribute in that area.
Game is divided to many independent departments in which players cand find their calling and work on jobs with mission to keep bettering the departments and its proccesses of work.
The goal in this game for all players is to create real value and already from the start as we are all building the game the value is being created and the game-simulation is becoming more valuable for everyone. Tokens grow in price as more value is generated and players hold decision if to hold tokens or sell them.
This game is being designed with a purpose to add to, boost, expand virtual economy in today most known general purpose virtual world. For in which I believe the virtual economy with higher global users and new account subscribers could be bigger and better serve humanity. With bigger participation in virtual economy and benefits from virtual economy could be at least 10x bigger if not 100x bigger. We as players collectively and in synergy creating value will attempt to make this happen.
If we are successful in growing virtual economy our game within virtual world might at some point in future be responsible for big % of all virtual goods and services traded in the whole world. Virtual world could change into virtual Silicon Valley where human resources from all over the world are concentrated and it could also turn into major financial center.
I am creating a goal of EPIC proportions for myself in my life in current stage and for all players and gamers around the whole world to be able to unite around and fight together to reach it. In the process of it by creating big waves we just might change the fabric of human society in most beneficial way possible. By creating a story of biggest online joint human cooperation on global scale in history.
In the times of Vikings the leaders were able to rile up the people and motivate them to prepare for war and to build biggest of war apparatus by promising them all a share of spoils from conquests. We are borrowing from them and from mmorpgs to rile up the adventourous spirits in people and create out of gamers from all over the world the biggest army and force of role play workers to advance the human economy in most epic proportions that the world has ever seen.
We designed tokens that are distributed to players every week. Total tokens in 2020 are limited. The price fluctuates on open exchange. Price is decided by demand and supply mechanic. Supply is known and is limited. Players trade with that in mind. Speculation about future value is paying all the virtual workers adding more and more value and fueling growth.
Value is created on a daily basis and word is getting out and motivating people to participate as the spoils of this economic growth are shared to everyone.
Its just beautiful from economic standpoint and how financial incentives are programmed into the game value tokens of which value is priced by all participants on open market.
Just like in bitcoin an incentive system is programmed into it and fuels its evolution and growth.
Beautifully designed incentive systems have strongest of attraction.
Growing players participation by everyone who likes the idea and wants to contribute towards epic goal to change the world by designing a new way how humans from all over the world meet, form friendships, bond, create teams/projects and cooperate through a virtual world (that can become largest pool and concentration of global human talent and human potential we can tap into with crazy ideas). In this game everyone can contribute their skills and energy, effort input and help grow the system value and its economy as a whole but at the same time directly benefit. From every unit of value added value points are given and the game system as a whole is in perpetual organic and evolutionary self improvement and betterment of all of it working parts - players.
Imagine WOW and masses of people getting small (dopamin inducing) rewards but not for slaughtering Orcs but for creating value for one another through social and educational activities (role playing jobs) in a virtual world. Goal all player/workers share is to advance/build/boost participation, friendships and cooperation.
My life is now fully focused around this project designed with a goal to motivate/give incentives to people to better themself learning growing numbers of new skills, languages, business, entrepreneurship, art & design (everything). I want to develop education system that rewards people for every new unit of knowledge gained. Classical education systems punishes people for not knowing/understanding yet and condition them in associating shame with learning subject. With masses of demotivated people world is loosing so much human potential that could contribute and add more value to human life.
I see game I started as socio-economic inovation of kind. A learning organization concept married with MMORPG game concept as a framework for people with leadership skills (and desire to change/improve the world) to tap into growing market of individuals after rewards that teach them to live better and of higher quality life. It also uses market exchange mechanism that is by far best system for pricing human value.
You could call it an attempt of Hitlers propaganda apparatus but instead for division used for uniting people doing social good. Or modern marketing psychology and influencing tactics used for betterment of humans.
I am and slowly as more interested people join we are experimenting with art and marketing used to boost economy. I invented economic/market based incentive system with goal to influence people to better themself through a game (they get points and money for learning new skills or attendding educational virtual conferences).
All the people and their learned behaviors are predominantly product of their environment. If we want to change ourselves we need to improve our environment. We can only do that with system thinking. We can do it in a game and shifting incentive system to put all people / human resources to work. Everyone has some value to contribute or to develop.

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