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Next step in evolution of the way humans organize human development

Wili Clip Posted by in General - June 6, 2020, 9:31 pm

Satoshi Nakamoto with bitcoin blockchain invented a beautiful system that solved the problem of people not trusting each other. Math - cryptography and computer code / automation used in new ways in combination with market economy.
It inspired concepts of decentralized organizations. It showed that it is possible to create organizations with incentive systems where energy input from actions of many people can lead towards value creation (on a systemic level) that is far greater than just the sum of its parts.
Aristotle wrote in Metaphysics 8.6 [=1045a]
... What is the reason for a unity/oneness? For however many things have a plurality of parts and are not merely a complete aggregate but instead some kind of a whole beyond its parts ...
As the system and organization grows and evolves its value is being reflected in price and the spoils of new inventions within the almost self organizing decentralized system is then shared with everyone who participated from the start putting together base infrastructure.
So the concept of future mega organizations who will have immense ability to concentrate human capital and human resources around ideas through strong incentives for everyone to participate in it was born and it will change the world. It will change how we organize and produce. Its energetically far more efficient organization even from psychological side of human nature.
All human motivation to get something to work and improve constantly is compounded - everyone is motivated because in such organization they are all working for themselves and their own self interest. But due to nature of decentralized organization they are also working for others. It is the most beautiful system to join ones self interest with interest and goals, vision of human organization (like in orchester all musicians are playing individually but they are also playing together and in effect create the most beautiful symphony that no individual player can create themselves; at the same time all players in orchester have interest that every individual player does their role good - so they practice, play together and improve all together as one).  In such organizations as described above in effect everyone is putting in energy, know how and work for mutual interests. Everyone is doing their best.
Decentralized organizations can attract and create a massive pool of energies, efforts, talents, skills sets, human capital under worthy goals and missions set up and designed with a purpose to propel human society forward in big steps. Big goals can motivate people to learn and train and keep improving themselves.
This all can work in magnitude that was never seen before. Because in this type of organization all the members are working for themselves and have an immense interest for their work and input that can lead to fully optimized success as their reward depends on success of whole organization. This leads to compounded human motivation in organizational setting that can not be replicated by any known organization before. In within this organization everyone has self interest to train, learn and educate himself to be able to keep improving and optimizing work processes he is responsible for.
People in such organization are not directed by higher managers to attend classes and change how they do their work. People in decentralized org actually feel innate motivation to keep changing and improving because their reward fully depends on it and on reaching set goals. Decentralized organizations are the future and will lead towards massive jump in progress of human society.
For public openly trading stock exchange - as an INVENTION and an upgrade to joint ownership known from before:
World started rapidly evolving and a lot of new employments were made after in 1602 the Dutch East India Company (1st known mega corporation) issued the first shares that were made tradeable on the Amsterdam Stock Exchange, an invention that enhanced the ability of joint-stock companies to attract capital from investors as they now easily could dispose of their shares.
The innovation of joint ownership made a great deal of Europe's economic growth possible following the Middle Ages. The technique of pooling capital to finance the building of ships, for example, made the Netherlands a maritime superpower. Before the adoption of the joint-stock corporation, an expensive venture such as the building of a merchant ship could be undertaken only by governments or by very wealthy individuals or families.
I believe that invention of decentralized organizations will further upgrade the invention of JOINT OWNERSHIP just like STOCK EXCHANGES upgraded joint ownership and enabled human projects and economic development of much bigger size and scale. It is the next step in evolution of human organizations.

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