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Who ate them??

Zosmine Resident Posted by in General - June 13, 2020, 1:42 am


I can only assume that there is a big ugly Manners Monster out on the loose in SL because it seems to be eating peoples Manners!

If you ask for help or advice and staff or the community have taken the time to give you that help or advice.. they only want one thing in return.. a simple thank you. It's not hard, it doesn't cause you physcial pain and it really isn't very time consuming. Plus, it's very beneficial as it will make that staff member or community member want to assist you the next time you need assistance. So I don't understand why so many people are not capable or willing to do it. The person assiting you has stopped what they were doing and taken the time to come to your aide... why wouldn't you want to thank them for that?

I simply ADORE the LGH community and the majority of our community are absolute sweethearts and I really appreciate them. But the few that demand or are not grateful simply irk me and leave me feeling deflated. So Pleaseeeee... lets put the Ugly Manners eating monster back in its cage and show our appreciation the next time week get the assistance we have asked for... Thank you in advance ♥


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