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Capital and the art of money flow

Wili Clip Posted by in Discussion - June 16, 2020, 11:24 am


Capital in 21st century - Thomas Pikkety capita - text

I am again reading book Capital by french economist Thomas Piketty that I didn't have time to finish because it is 577 pages fat. I am thankful to Pikkety for writing this book and that I can learn from him - his work.

Book Capital in 21st century is about inequality in wealth through history to current days. So far from this book most important thing I learned is what governments through history always do when highly indebted. They inflate the debt and through high inflation the real value in the debt number decreases as the quantity of currency in the economy increases and thus from its bigger supply value of currency decreases. This is at the cost of hidden taxation (that inflation is) to the society.

Imagine what would happen to value of gold if everyone could dig it up in their backyard). It would decrease - then its not a problem if you have a debt in gold - right? But it would be a problem for you if you had your life savings in gold as suddenly you wouldn't be able to buy much things for your gold.

I decided to read this book in a ju-do way - soft way with least enery resistance. I will read every day 1 - 3 pages. It just makes sense to do it that way. This way I can read many books at the same time. It is seiryoku zenyo. It is the most efficient way of application of energy to reach my goals.

I can study, apply the knowledge and teach others all at the same time. I teach the way of ju-do. The soft path through life. The way of the way of the energy flow. I teach by example and training myself while at the same time I offer to teach/train everyone else.


Thoughts flow:  Economy is a closed system. We can borrow from 1st law of thermodynamics that says total energy in the system is constant. Energy as it flows just changes shapes/forms. So is the total  real value wealth of nations (which is natural resources) its constant - limited. Its distributed the way it is and the way it is seems natural for human nature just like energy naturally flows from lower entropy to higher. Being angry of the fact that most capital and world resources are concentrated in the hands of few would be a waste of energy. Things are the way they are but if we can understand them then we can influence the change towards more optimal distribution of resources and flow of money as energy that we trade through currencies.

If the goal of nation is to build (grow economy/advance) then the wealth (money) needs to flow faster. Wealth concentrated sitting idle doesn't benefit anyone - resources that are not used have their energy unrealized - potential. Think of money like a blood in human body. What would happen if 1 vital organ was hoarding and storing all the blood? All other organs would not be getting enough food and nutrients and they would slowly decay and die.

A healthy and most prosperous economy is the one that creates a balance in how the money flows - like the blood that needs to reach all the organs and cells so that whole society as a system can grow and prosper. Too big of a wealth and income inequality puts the whole system in a mode where the flow of energy is disturbed and leads to slow decay and depression in some parts of a society. If 1 organ takes all the blood all other organs in time die and this 1 organ because it can not survive without others dies as well. Everything is connected. Does it not just make perfect sense that we need to take a good care for everything and everyone? Even when planning or reforming human economy.

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