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Monetary paradigm shift ongoing

Wili Clip Posted by in General - July 14, 2020, 11:20 am


The wold economy system is in a crisis mode. Due to massive money printing by the central banks. Unprecedented in human history, every devoted student of economics is expecting inflation and all sort of monetary system shocks to occur in near coming times. How much and for how long nobody really knows because its impossible to predict complex systems. From monetary history we can only know that it will happen.

When big money starts shifting an army of investors followers are affected as well. In expectations of massive global economic crisis (Large capital funds) Big money is shifting in all things of value and things that are to be expected to retain or grow in value. Money in terms of capital always wants to escape the collapsing system. Its like when rats are jumping out of a sinking ship. The ones that don't make the jump in time die.

I believe we are just in front of a massive monetary paradigm shift. The old system will die and a new one will be reborn with a new set of rules. Its already happening but it doesn't happen suddenly.. it is a process. The old less efficient way of thinking about money is giving way. The shift is major and can be compared to cars replaced horses as a primary mean of transportation.

Its happening with revolution caused by cryptocurrencies and crypto-finance and cryptoeconomics. The old monetary system might just print itself out of existence but as more of it is printed more of it will inflate the prices of all commodities and goods of value. Gold, bitcoin, crypto alt coins, all sorts of virtual goods in games and virtual wolds.

Money always looks for things of value. As Money by itself has no value. It has value only as long as others agree to exchange it for value. 1st sign we are seeing is major capital re-allocations that are happening. Capitalists, money funds managers investing money where they believe new value growth will occur.

So we see a lot of investments in companies that deal with digital goods and digital value creation. Just follow Andreessen Horowitz investments and others whose margine of error in predicting the future has to be min... you can get a clear picture of how smart money flows.. Money is a social contract and it is changing.

We are in midst of money - monetary revolution.


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