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Battle Avatar Open Source MMORPG in Second Life

Wili Clip Posted by in Announcements - August 17, 2020, 3:22 pm


Battle Avatar is exciting new MMORPG that is coming to Second Life. After one of the most popular and widely played fishing games in Second Life Fish Hunt, this is my biggest project so far. New MMORPG is being developed in an extended developement phase.It is available for everyone to test the game system and interact with it it at every stage. The reason I decided to keep it open during development phase is because this gives me valuable information and insight in what players like and to further develop and improve it exactly as players most like it.

During my last 10 years of programming and designing different systems in Second Life I have learned that lean development style is the best for the type of systems that I develop. I view systems in an organic. With iterative incremental improvements the system grows like a real living organism with always evolving it keeps players on their toes and excited about constant new experience. When we learn to use systems we learn new things and grow with them..

My latest project MMORPG for Second Life is an emobidiment of all my 10 years programming experience.

I am going to keep as many parts of Battle Avatar open sourced as possible. This will enable other creators with unique skills and talents in 3D design, sound and animation to co-create the game. Good games and business projects are created by synergies of multiple people with different talents. Everyone who will provide content for Battle Avatar will receive commission on all sales of products that contain their work .

All the content creators in Second Life interested to participate are welcome to start co-creating and help iteratively through time add and improve more and more weapons and monsters.

In MMORPG type of game there is a constant need for new content and and opportunity for a growing dev team. An unique advantage of a mmorpg in Second Life is that instead of gold the monsters will drop L$ and unlike gold in World Of Warcraft (WOW) the L$ can be sold for real money in effect the top players with highest levels in Battle Avatar will be able to earn real money.

All the weapons bought by players will be owned by players with an ownership license and we are going to develop an organized player to player weapons market for players as they level up to be able to sell their weapon to lower level players. What is most interesting and exciting about developing MMORPG type of games is that as playerbase grows the ingame economy that develops in within it can grow massive and in many cases economy can reach the size that is comparable of some smal countries. 

I believe I am uniquely positioned to lead this project born out of motivation to create the game MMORPG that Second Life will and can become most known for.

Battle Avatar project is currently in active developement phase. The game can be test played by players already in the developement phase. Every time weapon and monsters are updated or a new aspect of the game is added the players can try it out and give direct valuable feedback. This way and the feedback we are receiving is invaluable for us to keep improving and create the game that will give players the highest satisfaction from playing possible.

Everyone is welcome to participate in this exciting growing project in one way or another. As a co-developer of weapons and monsters or as a tester who will gain valuable insight into the game and many opportunities for crafting and re-selling game items in within it after its launched. 

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