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BA testing of Monsters that drop real money

Wili Clip Posted by in Announcements - August 24, 2020, 5:39 pm


On 23rd of august 2020 a team of 5 - 7 volunteer testers successfuly cleaned up to 70 - 100 scripted monsters. Test exceeded our expectations and even at highest stress intensity didn't create lag spikes.

For every monster LEVEL 1 killed a player receives from 0 - 0.3 L$ and levels up. Higher levels will be needed to access better weapons & armors.

Battle Avatar is a MMORPG type of game being developed in Second Life. Heavy focus will be on weapons & armors that will come with license and rights for players to re-sell them with 50% commission split of which 25% will always go towards team that designed the weapon and 25% to the game company.

Battle Avatar Monsters now drop L$ and players as they level up earn money. When the game gets released monsters will drop consumables and rarely valuable weapons that players will be able to sell to other players.


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