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Adventuring into Snuffles

Cristalyn Resident Posted by in Breedables - May 4, 2013, 8:25 pm


So my husband, Baltek, and I decided to start Snuffle farming. I bought a pro starter set last night for me and then an intermediate for him today.

First we had to aquire some land. We chose to use the same folks we have in the past when we did other breedables, NFL (NewFound Land) because I like their properties and the prices aren't bad. Also if you pay a month at a time it's discounted.

We found 2 lots next to each other, purchased both and then connected them so we'd have all the prims to farm together.

We then got to the business of setting up. It's really fun to set up the tree and watch all the little nests appear under it. 

Once all were birthed, we decided to do a bit of testing. First we just set it to 10x and started picking up the loot. This was fun but I wanted some basic questions answered. So we began systematically figuring some things out.

First thing learned is anyone can pick up the items the snuffles drop. What's cool is that if it's charcoal or poo then you also get it. So if he picks up my charcoal, he gets it but so do I. That's very cool. I don't mind if people pick these things up while I'm not around because I don't miss out and we both profit.

What I was upset about is the mushrooms don't work this way. If he picks up one of my mushrooms then he gets it and I don't. That's not cool. So we have to be careful when farming together.

I also figured out that if you have them set at 10x they each will consume about 100 food per hour. So it's best not to leave it at that setting for too long. I haven't quite figured out the how often but it's around every six or seven minutes while on 10x. So we also discovered to be able to get ALL items it's best to set mine to 10x and then about 2 - 3 minutes later set his to 10x. That way there is some space between drops but we aren't sitting there doing nothing for the whole span of time in between either.

I have 18 out now and he has 10. Each snuffle takes 15 prim, so we don't really have room for many more at the moment but what we have is plenty. Within an hour I can usually farm enough material, when set to 10x, for 2 white powder recipes.

I have done many other breedables in the past but nothing so fun as the snuffles. I think it's really wonderful that they create usable items that I can craft with or sell. I'm still working out the numbers but I'm hoping they'll become profitable because they are a lot of fun to do.

As we learn more I'll try to blog about them a bit more. If anyone has questions put them in comments. If I don't know I'll figure it out or find out and blog something up for you. We can all learn together.

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Elora Danick
May 5, 2013, 4:55 pm -
I love snuffles. The only thing that makes me a little sad is the primmage.
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