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but it wasnt posted that i couldnt do it....

dayz Short Posted by in Announcements - October 16, 2020, 7:42 am


  Usually, the members of our LGH community display kindness, generosity, and class. Sure, as with any micro-community we get the bad eggs, but not as often as you might think, given our size.
They also show respect to our Landowners and give plenty of thanx to those who host events, be they GH or FH.
   Sometimes, one will way overstep the line tho, and not someone who doesn't know any better. I mean someone who knows better, and does it anyway. Its always a huge disappointment  for me and staff to get complaint forms from Landowners telling us so-and-so did this or said that.  WE are like...ohhh nuuuuu... not him or not her.. she/he would never...then turns out he/she did =( 
  In light of that, some clarification needs doing. Because I feel sure the issue must be that the issue isn't clear enough. 

    Sometimes, it may seem clever to do something at someones land that would SEEM like its ok to do, if the landowner doesn't have a specific rule posted that you cant do it. Thankfully our TOS doesn't expect landowners to try to imagine how many different dirty tricks a person may try and then make a mile long list of whats not allowed, esp if the landowner is new. Our TOS handles that for them \o/ A rule does not need to be stated on the land to be against our TOS, and our TOS is worded in such a way as to cover an extremely broad range of cheating tricks.
  What does this mean to you, the player? It means that trying something shady isn't going to be allowed simply because the landowner doesn't have that specific  action posted to not do.  Because you can bet our TOS covers the no-no. And violating the TOS is a very bad idea. 
  To be clear. NO, it is not allowed to rez your own chairs on someones land ...in strategically placed locations, so as to make your ability to tp from coin to coin more easy for yourself. Or, in  TOS lingo...

2.6 - Players will not introduce onto any sim any object visible or invisible that interferes with coins or gems in any manner.

Yes, rezzing your own personal chair qualifies for this rule.
1) Its shady behavior
2) it disrespects the landowner by rezing your own items on their land 
3) it isn't fair to other hunters
4) It cheats the landowner of their right to expect visitors to play the games they're hosting in the manner in which it was intended to be played
 5) It supersedes the game designers intention of how the game should be played
6) Its cheating

This does not have to be posted on any land to be a TOS violation


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