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Avarice and reality

AmyNevilly Resident Posted by in Discussion - March 19, 2013, 1:00 pm


So, where does my tax go?

That's a good question and one I've wanted to answer for a long time actually. It's a paradigm that people with selfish interests go to extraordinary lengths to propagate. It's time we dispelled a few rumors with facts..

Our daily routine

First off lets look at time. A rough estimate of time spent is approximately 16 hours a day working by both myself and Wili Clip, including most weekends. In other words we work a 112 hour week

Now lets look at what we do during that week. Most of our time is spent behind a computer working on scripts. When I say scripts I mean working in numerous different programming languages daily. The solutions aren't always obvious and often you'll look back at code you wrote months ago and not recognise anything.

On top of that there's considerable professional photoshop graphics and marketing to do. This is frequently interspersed with customer service that we're constantly having to check back to. The reality is it's hardly like sitting back and watching the taxes roll in.

So why do we do bother even doing it?

We enjoy our independence and as young people we're gaining web development skills that we can use to start much larger things in the future. With our skills we could easily take high paying web development jobs, but we're instinctively entrepreneurs so that's what we do.

On top of that we're big fans of Second Life. For us we can see a game that is at a crossroads between fading away and continuing on. Providing entertainment and a way for landowners to react with ordinary players is critical.

What about your evil behavior?

The problem with being the judge of fairness is eventually you'll get it wrong. Every month we deal with over 30,000 players and a large proportion of them will probably ask for some sort of customer service or even conflict resolution. We make every effort to make the fair decisions, but sometimes fairness becomes a grey area and given the work pressures we have that has led to us making mistakes in the past.

Unfortunately it sometimes does happen. If anyone feels they've suffered an injustice in the past I'd encourage them to contact me. Both myself and Wili Clip always open to a polite chat about anything.

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