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Snuffles questions

Cristalyn Resident Posted by in General - May 5, 2013, 2:27 pm


I'm having a panic attack that we bought too many too fast so I'm trying to determine how to make this profitable or at least pay for itself so I can enjoy fishing without having to worry "did I make enough".

So my major question is once I breed them, How do I sell the nests if I choose to and is there anyplace I can find out what the average price for a similar nest might be? Should I hatch them first and see what they are (get the details) then re-burrow it to hold for sale? Can I sell in world or do I have to use the online selling venue and if so how?

I KNOW there are some super smart snuffle farmers out there or people who have done it anyway. Please help a newbie out.

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Crista is a RL blogger & writer, and all around gamer. Many of her articles are meant to help others with questions that need answering or simply to inform on special events or things that are going on or have gone on recently in SL.

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Chairman Kingmaker
May 5, 2013, 2:59 pm -

Crista....Snuffles can be costly little fellows if you're not growing your own sunflowers. Do you have any of those?

Also, if you go to SnufflesBreedables.com you will find all the tools you need for the little creatures.

For example, this page shows what is for sale:


Your best best though is to click on your Snuffles and follow the link to their web profile. There you can find information about potential mates, recent sales (including price) and, if you spend enough time on that site, you can determine the best deal for the snuffles you want, and make the most with those you wish to sell.

To place a burrow up for sale, you use the in-world menu, by clicking on the burrow.

I hope this has been at least somewhat helpful! I'm still learning myself, but I've got about a month under my belt now. Feel free to visit us at Kingmaker Farms if you would like to see our setup!


Most importantly, have fun!

Chairman Kingmaker

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Cristalyn Resident
May 5, 2013, 3:00 pm -

thanks hun that was immensly useful.

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