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Where Oh Where does that $1L go ?

TerryDavidd Resident Posted by in Discussion - March 19, 2013, 2:03 pm


The question recently posed to me with the release of our 65% tax ( free) coinage pack was the above .  Where Oh Where does the extra seemingly unaccounted $1L go ?  SO I grabbed my favorite tecchie person and I decided to conduct some experiments on my own .

I obtained a scrap coin B-10.1-65 and rezzed it out , then filled it with $10L .  The following is from my Local chat :

[21:07:51]  TerryDavidd Resident paid you L$10.
[21:07:51]  Scrap Coin B10.1-65: COIN owner: TerryDavidd Resident
[21:07:51]  Scrap Coin B10.1-65: Budget has been raised for 3 L$
[21:07:51]  You paid ChairmanBenBernanke Resident L$3.
[21:07:51]  You paid Petelin Firecaster L$6.

Obviously this left me puzzled ...  $3L to the account for hunters ... $6L to the account for taxes well thats only $9L

even my tecchie person said :

[2013-03-17 21:10:50]  ( Tecchie Person) : so what happened to the extra 1L?

I then decided to pull the information from my dashboard transaction history and I found a nice little surprise :

03/17/2013     21:07:52     945aa667     Destination: Petelin Firecaster
Object Pays
Region: Business Park
    L$6             L$xx,457  
03/17/2013     21:07:52     0be03fbb     Destination: ChairmanBenBernanke
Object Pays
Region: Business Park
    L$3             L$xx,463  
03/17/2013     21:07:52     80cef3db     Source: TerryDavidd
Region: Business Park
Description: Scrap Coin B10.1-65
    L$10       L$10       L$xx,466 L$xx,466

[2013-03-18 20:23:02]  TerryDavidd Resident: yes i got the extra 1L back
[2013-03-18 20:23:44]  (Tecchie Person) : omg....this means if another player pays into an owners coin or gem they get a tip \o/

Basically what this means is that the coin takes $10L from the landowner. Then the coin gives back $10L to the landowner . Then gives $6L to the tax avatar , then $3L to the avatar for players rewards , leaving the remaining  $1L in the landowners account .

The short easy version is this :  I started out with this balance :  $XX,466L

After filling my coin I ended with the following balance :  $XX,457L

Evidently LL doesn't have the ability at this time to process fractions of lindens so this is what we end up with . Not a bad situation after all :))

As for our detractors with claims of skimming and greed I suggest a little brush up on your math skills .. ..  or try and find a great tecchie person like the one we have heading up tech support !!!

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