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Snuffles Sales & Pricing

Cristalyn Resident Posted by in General - May 7, 2013, 5:38 pm


So I put up a blog a day or two ago with questions about the buying, selling and pricing of snuffles. I mean this is my first adventure into snuffles and though I have done other breedables there is always a bit of a learning curve. 

I'm sharing what I learn with all of you as I learn it so it might help someone else who begins their adventure into, in my opinion, one the the most fun breedables on SL.

First be sure to check out my blogs on "Our First Adventures Into Snuffles" & "HOW to buy and sell your snuffles" so that you know the basics.

Now to the questions

1. How do YOU price your snuffles? Meaning how do you decid on a price for a burrow? 

The best bet here for people new to snuffles is use the community as your guide. Hatch your new burrow and click it for the menu, then go to it's web profile. Take a look at the information about similar nests being sold just below your own snuffle info and see what the average prices are.

2. Does higher scarcity mean more valuable?

It does not. I had this one a bit backwards. The lower scarcity the better. If your snuffle is say 45% scarcity that means that 45% of snuffle breeders own one like this. If it says 1.5% scarcity that means only 1.5% own one similar. The lower the scarcity the more valuable.
"Less % it has then the higher scarcity it is. Higher scarcity means its more valuable (lower the % is). % is the number of snuffle breeders out of total snuffle breeders that have that specific snuffle." - Wili Clip

3. Do more traits add to the value? And which traits are worth more than others?

From the research I did it which traits aren't quite as important as the combination of traits and that it has some. I did notice tails on brown seem pretty rare. Again a look through the market page will be of great use to you here and paying attention to the market prices.

4. Are males worth more than females or vice versa?

Females are more rare than males so therefore are in fact generally worth more. The caveat to this is that if it is a female that is a high number (say 45%) scarcity then it still isn't going to be worth much at all.

5. Do you factor in that production cost number that we see in the Snuffle profile page or do you simply ignore that altogether?

I'm going to quote this from Wili. 
"What I've seen that what players usually factor into the price is the production cost + time they needed to get specific Snuffle. In case of LIMITED EDITION Snuffles which are very rare and limited a player needs a big portion of luck. Limited edition Snuffles have a really high price that a LE Snuffle was sold is 45 000 L$ ( http://www.snufflesbreedables.com/tools/snuffle.php?id=1030 )" - Wili Clip

6. Do you exclusively use the online market? Or do you visit in world shops? Or do you do some combination thereof?

This is a preference from those I've talked to. Most use some combination of the two. Myself right now I'm using the online market because of the simplicity and ease of understanding it. I think for beginners that seems best but if I get more serious into my breeding I may choose to wander some markets.

7. More of an observation than a question answered. Did you know if you are looking for something specific you can go to "The Snuffle Lab". There you can choose the color and any other option you wish to see what's possible. Then you can choose "View Snuffle" to see if any similar ones to what you seek are up for sale and what the pricing is.

So thus far this is what I've learned. Hopefully it will help others who are new to the world of Snuffles. They are totally fun little creatures.



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