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The Basics of Crafting

Cristalyn Resident Posted by in General - May 8, 2013, 5:21 pm


So how do I do this crafting that I hear everyone talking about? I mean I know there is a way to craft xp elixirs, alacracity potions, shubbie food and more but I just don't know how.

So here's the basics.

First you need to purchase the recipe. You can find these on the wall in the crafting hut at the Fish Hunt Headquarters.  

Once you have the recipe you need to use/learn it for a one time use before beginning your crafting. You have two choices here. 

You can either go to your land or a land that you can rez objects at and rez the recipe(s) out on the ground or you can right click the recipe in your inventory and hit add (This basically wears it onto your person without taking anything off). 

Either way you choose Click the recipe. Two choices come up. "Use" and "check". Check will tell you in nearby chat what the recipe calls for. If you don't know you'll want to click this and write it down so you'll have it for later use as well. When you are done with that or if you already know, then click use. This basically allows you to learn the recipe for a 1 time use. So if you want to create more than one you will need to buy more than one of that type of recipe and use each of them. 

If you chose to rez them on the ground at a place you have rez rights the recipe will auto delete after use. 
If you chose to add/wear the recipe once you are done with this method you will then need to detach the recipe and delete it. 

You will also need your material components. You'll need to buy these at the vendors to the right in the crafting hut at Fish Hunt HQ or you'll need to gather them by going to snuffle farms and waiting for them to appear. You can find snuffle farms to gather at on this list http://www.snufflesbreedables.com/tools/resources.php. Of course if the recipe calls for worms you will either need to have them from your own worm farm or buy them if you don't have the type called for already in stock.

Let's say you want to create an xp elixir. You will need to gather or buy the following:
*XP Elixir: 
100 charcoal, 
40 Dried Evil Mushrooms, 
40 Small worms

Now that you have your recipe written down, learned, and ingredients in stock, it's time to craft. Again go to Fish Hunt HQ and enter the crafting hut. There you will see a large cauldron in the corner. This is the crafting cauldron. Click the cauldron. The menu asks you potions or supplies. Supplies are bio-waste or white magic powder (shubbie food), potions are well self explanatory. 

In our example, which is an xp elixir, we would choose potions. Now a menu comes up for you to choose the potion you wish to create. In this case it would be an xp elixer. The cauldron will make sure you have all ingredients and the recipe, then it takes them and creates your requested item. A pop up box will come up offering you your created item. Make sure to hit accept.

Yes crafting is just this simple. After you've done it once believe me you won't feel nervous or overwhelmed by the process. It's fun, it's easy, and it helps in so many ways. So go gather up your ingredients, buy your recipes, and get to crafting. Hope this was helpful to get you started on your way.

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dayz Short
May 8, 2013, 9:05 pm -

\o/   thank you . these blogs make helping new fishers easier. I would like to add one important tip here...the process that gives a crafter their potion when the crafting is done is completed through the server and will fail to deliver the item if the server is down. When you go to craft your items, please be sure to confirm that there are no cuurent server issues to impede the crafting process. A simple check by using the atm or even just asking a GM will ensure your crafting experience completes successfully. =)

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