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Linden Making Tips for SL

Cristalyn Resident Posted by in General - May 8, 2013, 8:08 pm


How do I make money in SL if I don't have any money to invest right now?

There are lots of ways to start off without investment. I'll give you just a few examples, but remember in SL the skies the limit.

Your first and maybe most obvious option is get a job. You can find job listings in the classified section of your search. You can sometimes find help wanted signs at different location you may visit. There are several groups on SL dedicated to helping job seekers find employment. The pay range varies from job to job so be sure to get the information you need just as you would in real life.

For example, I was at a SL games establishment and I saw a help wanted sign. I clicked it and it gave me a notecard with the details. What they were seeking was a host for 2 hours a day paid at 100L per hour. After the details there was an application to fill out with the name of the person to return it to.

Some of the groups are like Jobsfox, **JOBS**, Jobs for You, and many others. Employers may post to these groups as looking for employee/help wanted or job seekers may post asking about employment. Notices are sent out with job listings on a regular basis as well. 

By going to your search window in SL you can search help wanted and find jobs listed under the classifieds section. You might also use search terms within classifieds that relate to a position you are seeking, like dancer or driver.

Another way to make money with no initial investment is FISH HUNT and GOLD HUNT. For Fish hunt you can obtain a free rod on the marketplace (which is the online market related to second life). The free rod comes with 100 worms to start you off. Every fish you catch is worth a bit of in game money as well as fishing experience. The higher your experience gets, the more valuable the fish you can catch. And there is a website to help you find places to fish.

You may also choose to GOLD HUNT. Many business and land owners choose to hide valuable coins around their property for you to gather. It helps them by bringing in traffic and it helps you put a little Linden in your pocket. Each coin has different values. A gold coin, for instance, is worth 1 linden but once you click it you have to stand near it for 297 seconds before you can collect it. Other coins have lesser values and lesser wait times. Here is the website to find GOLD HUNT LANDS

You might also choose to water people's sunflowers. Many snuffle (a type of breedable) farmers also grow their own sunflowers for food and they need watering quite often. Usually the value of watering one of these plants is .20 per plant for 30 secs of work and if they have several near each other you can make a nice profit for 30 secs of work. You can find a list of places to water on THIS SITE, remember they only show up when there are flowers ready for wartering. 

Another fun way to make linden is get yourself a dance partner and go club hopping. Many clubs run contest boards to bring in traffic. For instance, a club might be having a "Best in Black" contest with 500L on the board. You go in your best black attire, put your name on the contest board, and dance for the time the event runs (usually an hour or two). Most places have it set so at the end everyone votes and everyone with a vote wins a part of the pot. 

You could go to a free sandbox like the one I've linked here and build things to sell. Take a few builders classes through "Builders Brewery" and you're off. Then list them on the marketplace and just let the money flow in as people find your stuff. Or learn how to code and make some really cool things. Building is all free and so are the classes at builder's brewery, well most of them.

There are many ways to begin your journey in Second Life, I've only mentioned just a few. You can make a few linden to line your pockets, the only question is how do YOU want to play today?

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AmyNevilly Resident
May 8, 2013, 10:10 pm -

Excellent article very informative about ways to earn linden in Second Life! yeslaugh

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