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The Care and Feeding of Shubbies

Cristalyn Resident Posted by in General - May 15, 2013, 2:37 pm


So you read my blog "The Lowdown on Shubbies" and decided that you really wanted one. Finally you've obtained it, but now what? How do you feed it? What other fun can be had with it? What's up with this menu when you click it? Don't panic. I'm going to walk you through some things here.

The first thing you have to do is bind your Shubbie to yourself so that  you can feed it and it will love you and want to help you. To do this simply attach the Shubbie to whatever spot you have decided to wear it. When you attach it a menu should pop up asking if you want to bind it. Bind it to you.

You should know, only one Shubbie will be active at any given time. You can own more, even have more bound, but only one will be active at a time so wearing more doesn't help you get better bonuses. 

Now that your Shubbie is bound to you it will need food. Each time you cast the Shubbie eats a certain number spoonfuls of food. You can find the amounts for each type of Shubbie in my "The Lowdown On Shubbies" blog as linked above. 

How do you feed it? First you have to obtain some Shubbie food. They eat White Magic Powder. You can find this on the Marketplace HERE for or you can get it from an in world crafter/seller, like this one. In world the prices tend to range from 55L - around 75L depending on the current materials prices.

Once you've obtained your food. The next step is to feed the Shubbie. To do this you have two options. The first is to use it kind of like a potion. Go to inventory, right click it and hit add. Once it's on you, click the food and on the menu click the choice that says feed or get food. The second option is to rez the food out on land where you have rez rights and do the same process. *note of warning: do not rez more than one food at a time to feed your Shubbie  If you rez several the Shubbie will try to gobble them all down and often will waste much of it so you'll lose some in the process  Best to do them one at a time. You can feed it several just do it one at a time.

Now your Shubbie is bound and fed. You are ready to fish and begin leveling your new little friend.

There is a lot of fun things that your Shubbie can do. If you click on your Shubbie you will get a menu. This menu has many options. Let's take a look.

The menu has the following options. Hide Text, Get Food, Show Text, Teach, Set Name, Cast Count, Stats, and Done. You are probably never going to use the "Get Food" option as the best choice it to use the menu straight from the food. But we'll take a look at the rest.

The first one you will probably want to use is Set Name. This is where you can name your Shubbie. Click set name and a box comes up for you to type the name. Choose your name and submit. It's that simple. *note if you name it while attached and then detach it the name will not show in inventory. However, if you rez your little friend on the ground and name it, the name will show in inventory as well.*

The next are Hide and Show text. Your Shubbie has many things it can say. These things show up as floating text over your Shubbie. Some are very entertaining and funny, others not so much. You might want to leave this on for a while and see what amusing things your Shubbie comes out with. However, inevitably at some point in time you are going to want or need to have this off for whatever reason. When you do just click Hide Text. If your Shubbie isn't speaking and you want it to, just go back in and click Show Text again. Generally every time I log off the default sets back to show text so I choose each day to Hide Text when I log in. If I want it showing at some point it's simple enough to turn back on.

This is where we come to Teach. Teach is where you can teach your Shubbie to say things. Not just YOUR Shubbie but the whole network of Shubbies. So keep in mind that what you "Teach" your Shubbie can be said by ANY Shubbie in the world once it cycles into the system, which can take some time. Teaching your Shubbie costs you Lindens from your earnings. A short phrase is 25L, the long ones cost per character. Make sure you actually read the popup that comes up before you choose to do this. It can become costly.

Stats is a quick easy way to see how much food your Shubbie has left at any time. This information shows up every time you catch a fish in with all that other information you get with a catch, but sometimes you may want to just check and see. If your Shubbie runs out of food it goes into shock and then you have to buy a special Blue Powder from the marketplace to revive it.  So I recommend that on occasion you check your Shubbie's supply of food to be sure you don't starve the little guy.

I chose to go over Cast Count last because it is my favorite feature. Your Shubbie can count your casts. When you hit Cast Count another menu pops up. You can choose start, reset, or stop. Start begins the cast count. You'll need to do this at every login if you want it on because it's default is off. Reset simply starts you back at 0 again and begins the count over. And of course stop turns it off.

What I usually do is restart my count at each fishing area I visit so I know when I'm close to spooking. You spook a fishing hole after 45 casts. Some people use this to count their casts for the full day of fishing. Others may not use it at all. I love this little feature. I didn't think I'd use it but it's become my favorite tool.

The last thing I wanted to mention here is just a bit of fun. There are in world creators who are now making clothing for the Shubbies. Yes you can dress it up. The picture at the top of this post is what mine usually wears but there are tons of choices out there. You can find just one of the many vendors at this location. Look for the big vendor/sign at the back of the stall.

If you want to dress your Shubbie up here's how. Purchase one of the many fine costumes/outfits available for the Shubbies. Once you have it unpacked and in your inventory, right click the item and attach it to the same spot your Shubbie is attached to. (if the Shubbie unattaches just right click it in your inventory and click add. Then they will both be in the same spot.) Then you need to edit the clothing/item into the spot that makes it be ON your Shubbie. Once you have both the Shubbie and the item attached to the same place and the item edited to appear as if actually worn by the Shubbie you are all set because they will now move the same way and your Shubbie will always be dressed properly. If you change the outfit/costume at any time it's fine. When you want to change it back all you have to do is right click the old outfit that has already been attached and edited before and click add. It will now add to the exact spot it was in before.

So go have some fun with your brand new Shubbie and get that little pal leveled up for it's first split. I'll talk about splitting in another article later on. For now take care and have fun.


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AmyNevilly Resident
May 16, 2013, 1:36 pm -

This is a very useful guide about Shubbies yes

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dayz Short
September 9, 2013, 4:01 am -

an update on shubbies and shock -  they no longer go into shock; at least, not as we've known it. Instead, they now lose 4k pet xp if you allow them to run out of food, and you are also given some free food to "fix"their starved state.  Read more about these new changes here  http://www.goldtokens.net/blogs/400/save-your-shubbie-from-shock   and  here  http://www.goldtokens.net/blogs/355/shubbie-pet-no-longer-deactivates-when-he-falls-in-shock-when-underfed

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