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Midnight Madness Machines Creations / WhiteRebelWolf Creations

anerd Resident Posted by in Lands - May 15, 2013, 6:27 pm


Midnight Madness Machines has Joined with WhiteRebelWolf Creations

We offer a large range of products for decorating your lands and homes. We build just about anything and do our own texturing as well.

Here you will find a mix of land setups- We have an Indian area with Teepees and places to relax and listen to music or whatever you like to do

We are adding in a Ghetto-Slum City, Which will be an adult play ground place, and also includes Midnight Madness Machines Creations Main Shops!

Are you looking for Adult Poses? We have them ! Looking for Gothic Furniture we got it! Looking for Full Perm Bike Parts / Poses got them as well

We offer 20% discounts off our products if they are bought in world, also a good buyer program Spend 1,000 Lindens with us either via xstreet or in world and all Future Purchases get 10% off ( In World Only ). We are Growing and Growing keeping the prices low as possible.

Are you looking for a place to hang out listen to some good tunes and relax with a friend or partner? We have a nice little cave - Teepees - Movie Theater + more just to come hang out kick back get away from the drama and relax Again on a low lag sim :)

Are you looking for a place to set up shop? Upon Request we will set you up with a spot to rent at low rates! Just contact anerd Resident for more information

We are an ADULT ONLY SIM !!! so anything goes ( with in LL's TOS ) Yes we have all the good Collard fun stuff as well ;)

Xstreet Links

Midnight Madness Machines Creations - Custom Bikes - Poses - Parts - Buildings - Homes and More!


WhiteRebelWolf Creations - Indian Decorations - Teepees' - Poses - Shops - Furniture  and More !!


Remember Shop In our In World Shops and SAVE!

Questions or Comments Please Contact

anerd Resident

Rebel2011 Resident

Sim and Shop Owners



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I have several years of geek experience lol. Been in the computer field for over 30 years including running large IT departments. I came to SL to relax and do things I like. Building is an obsession of mine so that is the first thing I do. I do custom builds with custom graphics and I have just started beating myself up "re learning" Blender to do meshing on here lol. I believe if we stop challenging ourselves then we just slowly die.

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