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The Snuffle Poo Hunting Strategy

SoieFlora Resident Posted by in Breedables - May 16, 2013, 9:41 pm


I was staring at my snuffles and going man I really hate seeing all this poo go to waste.  The materials it drops come and go so fast that one person with 20 snuffles or more can't really gather it all.  I do enjoy when others come to help though and encourage it.  But the problem is there's no real strategy involved. It's all a mass clicking effort and I don't want to take away from others that are there to pick up materials at my place.  I appreciate them coming so much and want them to get as much as they can.  So I have come up with a strategy that may work for some if you have friends that want to collect materials.  Just remember that they can be sold if you don't want to use them for recipes.

There are three types of things dropped by snuffles.  First there's two types of mushrooms, but i'm grouping these together.  Second the trees drop charcoal.  Third there is poop in front of each snuffle.  Yes snuffles poop and it's cute.  You can gather a group of three and go to the various snuffle places and divide up the collecting.  One person for each type of material so that you can focus on that instead of just mass clicking and things disappearing.  It's easier and more focused that way.  This will work better if you know the people and are there for that reason.  I hope this works out and you can get the most out of the snuffles and their materials.

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I'm a fishing nut who enjoys just relaxing by the water and tossing the line in.  I also enjoy writing blogs when my attention span allows it.

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Cristalyn Resident
May 20, 2013, 8:08 pm -

Just a quick note: You can also click on each snuffle and set them individually on mulitipliers. In this way you can set up a few to x10 then wait 2 mins and set a few more and even wait a couple mins then do the rest. You can do a few individually and the rest with the tree after a min or two. This will help separate out their drop times and give you a bit of breathing room.

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