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Fishing High Multi Buoys - My first Blog

Garry Absent Posted by in Fish Hunt - May 18, 2013, 9:42 am


Who hasn't been frustrated, even a little upset when you are fishing at a Multi event above x4 and all you seem to be getting are 'Oh dear's' that don't give your a fish or pay you, 'Sorry, something unexpected .....', or even worse, if you are fishing at an event with an extreme buoy, the loss of most of your casting potential. It is no less frustrating for land owners when they are bombarded by complaints or criticism that it has to be something they are responsible for or can fix.

There are a number of factors behind this and I will lay them out for you and give you some thoughts, ideas and suggestions for coping with or even making it better for yourselves. But first, Something to make you smile.

Oh, dear! What can the matter be?
Dear, dear! What can the matter be?
Oh, dear! What can the matter be?
wili's so long with the beer
He promised to buy crates of Guinness to please us
And then for a smile, oh, he vowed he would feed us
He promised to send me a bunch of fresh wormies
To fish while we're drinking the beer.

Oh, dear! What can the matter be?
Dear, dear! What can the matter be?
Oh, dear! What can the matter be?
wili's so long with the food

He promised to bring us a basket of apples.
A bucket of ice cream, a punnet of strawberries.
A platter of crispies to eat while we're fishing
But all we have got is 'oh Dear'.

Oh, dear! What can the matter be?
dear, dear! What can the matter be?
Oh, dear! What can the matter be?
wili's so long and oh dear.

Ok so I promised to lay out some causes and potential answers to the frustration of fishing at a high Multi event.


  • Some buoys are located on Homesteads or Mainland with less than ideal server provision and not really designed for that level of traffic.
  • High script counts create lag and hamper everything and anything.
  • Everyone casts like crazy trying to be the one that gets the fish/Lindens and puts triggers an issue that LL limit data communication.

Solutions/Suggestions for fishers

  • Put up and shut up. The buoy has funds in it, you can earn if you persist. If you think the buoy is likely to be well funded and the event will last for a while then don't start fishing, go away and come back later when the first rush is over.
  • Pretty easy one really. Cut down your script count BEFORE you go. Generally, when I am fishing my script count is between 4-6. I know that is at the extreme end but I prove it is possible. If you can get your scripts below 25-30 you are usually doing pretty well. Take off things you don't need. (You definitely don't need your intimate appendages and toys or pets, except your shubbies of course.) Many things with scripts only need them when you first wear them, shoes and hair with resizers or colour changers etc. You can delete a lot. Read the notecard that came with your items or ask the maker. Most places are happy if you can get the script count below 50. Over 100 and you are will probably trigger any local script monitoring system.
  • At x4 to 6 if you will wait for a count of 10 after a cast, an 'oh dear' or a 'Sorry, something unexpected....', the results can be dramatic. Doing this gives the buoy time to handle all the calls being made on it. I've tested it and proved it. I suspect that for x7 to x10 you should wait longer, perhaps up to a count of 20, but that hasn't been tested or proved. If you use this process you won't get as frustrated and will get more successful casts earning more Lindens. In the case of 'Sorry .....', often the buoy will catch up with you and it will become a cast but if you are impatient and try to cast straight away you an cancel the cast and get another sorry instead. Use peer pressure to encourage everyone to do this but remain polite and don't harrass others.

Solutions/Suggestions for land owners

  • A personal observation and plea from me the author. If you have an extreme buoy, please ask to have it replaced with a standard one. They really irritate fishers and drive them away from your land faster than a normal one. You are losing on traffic because of them. They were a good idea once to resolve a problem but a different solution was found.
  • Consider putting up a notice (or include it in your greeter message if you run events often) reminding fishers of the limitations of the sim. Tell them what they are coming to and they have even less justification for complaining than the 'no justification' they already have.
  • You might want to use a passive or active script monitoring/management tool. Plenty to choose from on Marketplace. Ask in chat or ADS Support for what others are using.
  • The buoy kicking out all the 'oh dear' notices that don't pay out or 'Sorry ......' responses are sort of connected to the reasons for the creation of the extreme buoy: the limitations placed on the buoy communication by Linden. Only it is magnified many times during a multi event of x4 or above. The higher the multi the greater the effect. If you imagine water being poured into a funnel faster than it can drain, eventually some will pour over the side and is lost. The effect is similar in the buoy. Too many calls on the buoy to transmit data result in lost data. Please read what I have suggested to fishers above if you haven't already and use your position as owner and 'he/she who pays the piper' to encourage fishers to pause and allow the buoy time to keep up or catch up. If necessary and if you are present during the event, reset the buoy now and again if you begin to hear a lot of thunder (The audible report for 'oh dear' notices) or you start to get lots of comment or complaint from fishers. You may decide you need to take the buoy into inventory and put it out again as another way of doing the same. Alternatively you could reduce the multi rate, though that would make your event less attractive. In the end it is you who has to decide how to handle this issue on your land.If you can encourage the process I have suggested above, even if you have to make a few examples to do so, you will find you have a happier event and less hassle from it.

Are you still here? If you got all the way down here then I am grateful to you for sticking with me and hope you have found it useful, or will do. If you liked the little song, I have made it into a sung gesture and you are welcome to ask me for it. I would appreciate feedback and comment on how well this works at different levels of multi or types of sim.

I've put a fair bit of time and effort into this (including having to retype it all as I was logged out of my account before I finished it first time. Any Linden contributions for the value you find in this will be gratefully received.


Happy fishing, keep busy.


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Community Comments

AmyNevilly Resident
May 18, 2013, 9:45 pm -

Great article yes

Just to say that I am aware of the logging out issue and am working on some improvements wink

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Garry Absent
May 18, 2013, 10:09 pm -

Thanks for the endorsement and the Linden contribution Amy. My goal in putting this forward is to get landowners adn fishers working togther to give both sides what they want and need. a smoother, happier transaction but using what we know and doing what we can. How about a notice of the blog to try to get the ideas more widely explored and understood.

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WaterFall Semyorka
May 21, 2013, 6:45 pm -

My suggestion to landowners is, if possible, lower the limit of people allowed into the region at any one time. LL mainland regions are set to 40.

My suggestion to fishers is to avoid crowds.


I've participated in beta testing for LL on aditi (beta test grid) and I'm aware of the limitations of the LL servers. What amazes me about SL is that it even works at all.

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Garry Absent
May 23, 2013, 8:36 pm -

Another fisher suggested using a full body Alpha while fishing to reduce lag impact.

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BrooklynLilly79 Resident
May 25, 2013, 3:06 am -

Another thing that causes a lot of lag is gestures.  Staying away from gestures helps everyone out.

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mendywest Resident
May 27, 2013, 12:44 am -

Garry seems to me this blog needs to reach a lot of the newer fishers, they are the ones that complain the most..just sayin'...not that hard, you go a multiplier expect to have oh dears and stolen fish a lot people at them so if you don't want that then don't go to multipliers...the end :)

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Catalysis Resident
May 27, 2013, 6:07 pm -

I have done other activities in SL that are really made alot better if we can reduce the lag we cause too... like roleplay sims and drag racing for example.  The same rules apply to most any activity in sl, less lag = more fun.   A few more tips below:


A number of thing that have to all work smoothly to minimize lag. These are YOUR COMPUTER, the INTERNET CONNECTION, and the LINDEN LAB SERVERS.

YOUR COMPUTER: Second Life is graphics-intensive and uses a lot of bandwidth to communicate with the Linden Lab servers. Your computer must be capable enough in order to run the Viewer program with minimal problems. See the System Requirements on Second Life's website for basic information.

INTERNET CONNECTION: Second Life requires constant communication with the Linden Lab servers. Data speed is highest when you first arrive at a new location, are moving around quickly, or in an area where lots of people are coming and going. All of these require sending you new data so you can see it all. A connection speed of at least 500 kilobits per seconds (kbps) is needed to run Second Life adequately.

SECOND LIFE SERVERS:The Linden Lab servers have to both keep track of everything happening in a map region, and send that information to all the users who can see the region. If they have too much to do, they will slow down the sim frame rate so as to not lose data. If too much communication is required to fetch data about objects and send them to all the users, it can become backlogged. The Statistics window can tell you when it is server-side lag that is the cause.


What is "ARC"?
"ARC" stands for "Avatar Rendering Cost". Using a point score, Avatar Rendering Cost shows how each avatar affects the rendering performance of the Viewer. The point score is shown over an avatar's head in green, yellow or red, depending on how costly an avatar is for a graphics card to render. (How do I enable ARC? Turn on your Advanced menu. Enable Advanced > Rendering > Info Displays > Avatar Rendering Cost. Or in SLV 2.8/3.0 Advanced > Performance Tools > Show Avatar Rendering Cost)

Avatar Scripts
There has been MUCH discussion about the effect each avatar's scripts have on lag.  Be aware of how much memory your scripts are using.  Keeping this down under 3MB is good for everyone.


*** THE BOTTOM LINE, WHAT CAN WE EACH DO TO REDUCE LAG? *** (We all LOVE our toys and huds, but during some actvities like fishing, racing, sailing etc... these things help ALOT and make these activities much less frustrating and alot more enjoyable!)

* Reduce your avatar rendering cost (ARC) - turn it on so you can see your score and experiment!  Some hairs are VERY high cost!  Outfits with alot of attachements are also very high cost.  Try on different outfits, you may want to even make full outfits that are 'low lag' for certain activities.  I have outfits I put together specifically for drag racing that are low ARC and low script count (around 9).

*Reduce your script count - You can see how many scripts you are running by right clicking on yourself and chooseing "S. Count".  It will tell you in local chat.  Removing huds, tools, genitals etc when you are not using them will reduce this number greatly! You can copy ANY AO into your viewer and remove that hud completely.  It will work exactly the same but uses NO scripts at all! After editing clothing or hair so it fits, delete the resizer scripts out of them.  (Womens shoes are notorious for high script counts, and i LOVE my shoes!  LOL)


Thanks Garry for starting the thread, hope these additions help people understand that there are lots of things that contribute to, and can improve lag, no matter what you're doing in SL!

Have fun all!


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Garry Absent
June 2, 2013, 10:46 am -

I've been delighted by some of the reponses to this blog. I never claimed to have all the answers so am especially pleased at those who have added further information in their comments. Please keep reading, sharing, adding and helping to make the game smoother, better and happier for us all. For those who have been annoyed by my persistence, I'm sorry but the blog wasn't meant for you it seems but plenty have valued it. Just let it skip you by, or perhaps make it more maaningful to you by considering what you might add to it that is positive.

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